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Thread: moderator change

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    moderator change

    guys quick one!! ive got a mod on my ticket, and i want to buy another and sell my one on my ticket! can i buy another one before i sell the other? the new one will be the same 30 cal / one for one. cheers

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    My understanding is that you do not need an FAC to purchase a moderator, but you do require it on your FAC before you can put it on a weapon and use it. Don't know where that gets you with your problem. Maybe a call to your FEO would sort it out.
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    i am sure you will have to do a one for one variation

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    How is it listed on your cert? If it's unknown make and no serial number many RFDs take a pragmatic view that 1 unspecified moderator could be another.

    If there is a make or SN then you need a 1 for 1.

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    id do a one for one variation doesnt take long to do.

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    I have just doen a couple of 1for1's, I also said I had a moderator that was on the way out.
    I have ended up with all the slots I wanted, plus a new condition......
    I may purchase a moderator and get rid of the old one within 30 days, once done I have to return my FAC for amendment.
    As it happens this will expire before I do the swap, being skint I will carry on until the old mod falls apart


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    thanks for your imput i just checked my ticket and it says a moderator! no numbers or makers names, surely i could sell it and buy another and just let them know my new maker and numbers?

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    does it state full bore moderator?

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    guys just checked my ticket just says moderator !! nothing else no makers names or numbers! come to think of it a while ago i sold my 308 and brought another and told them in writing i have not had a visit from oll plod saying i cannot!! surely i could sell and buy another
    cheers chris.

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    it depends on how its written in "Firearms possessed, or authorised to be purchased or acquired" and what you have written in "table 1 Firearms"

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