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Thread: Apologies if it's already here somewhere,

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    Apologies if it's already here somewhere,

    I thought maybe there's hope for the views of some couch bound anti's being moderated somewhat,.........
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    Well done in posting this.

    Haven't has chance to go through properly - but I will. But first thing that really came across was the variety and nature of the comments from people. Some sensibly put, if personally disagree; some a bit of a rant, some more concerned with socialism etc etc

    Whether any of them were right or wrong, its a debate that is ongoing. There is only so much to be gained ( if much ) from bemoaning amongst ourselves. Active debate isnt for everyone, but the discussion is happening whether we take part or not.

    Many of us are passionate about what we do, the animals we deal with and the environment it takes place in. Those without experience of it may be very surprised at just how well people pick up on informed, well intentioned passion.

    If nothing else, another reminder that we should all keep in mind that our actions remain under scrutiny and without saying a word we can positively or negatively influence things.
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    I am sure these issues will remain contentious and so they should everything has a balance and with conflicting interests there will some common ground. This will be reenacted on a different scale in the lowlands very soon i feel.
    Thanks for posting

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