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Thread: kids air rifle advice

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    kids air rifle advice

    Hi all,

    I'm after a starter airgun for my 7 year old daughter. I started with a little Webley but I think it was too big for her even if i still had it.
    Looking online. i thought about a Daisy Red ryder or similar but can't seem to find them in the UK. Weirhach hw25 is nice but quite expensive for something she might not take to.
    Any ideas?


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    Ezzy, a lightweight and cheep air rifle would be the CO2 QB range or the Crosman CO2 Ratcatcher, which is less than 3.5lbs in weight. At seven you will still probably need them to bench rest until she gets use to it. ATB David
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    Hi Ezzy,

    I had the same issue recently with my two daughters - aged 6 and 9 - and I bought a Gamo Cadet Delta air rifle for them to use. The older one can hold it ok, but as Fisheruk said, its best if they bench rest it.

    Fitted with a small scope it weights about 5lbs. It looks and feels very 'plasticy', but it has been fine to get them started. I paid 67 for it from McAvoys in Standish in December 2011. I suspect it was old stock as they seem to be more now.



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    A cometa 50 junior would be perfect for her 80 from most gun shops.

    I bought my son the cometa 50 as his first rifle and fitted a red dot sight to It.

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    Keep tha baked bean cans and fill em with water. the kids love to see the water pouring out when they get a hit. Really good to get them interested and schooled in safe gun handling/shooting when they are young.
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    Daisy Buck. Underlever bb gun built about half scale. Holds several hundred bb in the mag, so no dropping pellets each time it is loaded. The weight is minimal and should not be a problem for her. Available in the states for $20, but I'm sure I have seen a UK importer. I have a couple that are great fun when youngsters visit.

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