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Thread: Nomad Zipped Hill Smock Brand New

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    Nomad Zipped Hill Smock Brand New

    I have for sale one brand new never been used Nomad zipped Hill smock. I ordered this jacket at the CLA and I took delivery of it last week, sadly I've lost 3 1/2 stone and it just is far too big.

    it is 5xl in size and would fit the more generously proportioned gentleman. This cost over 400 as it was custom made for me, pickup a bit of a bargain 350 posted to you.

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    These are fantastic jackets, unfortunately I will need to work hard to make this fit. A bit of a bitch mate having done so well loosing all that weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauser243 View Post
    +1 on nomad smock.
    Another +1 here on Nomad smocks. But a XXL is very roomy on my 52" chest, which is a shame as I would love another, but 5XL is too big for me.


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    Thanks guys it's an awesome looking jacket, bloody shame I don't get to use it. However I have noticed that there is another jacket for sale that would fit if I can just get this one moved on!

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    LW good look with the sale

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    Bump up

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    Could you not get it re-tailored?

    I'm sure Mr Nomad would be happy to help!

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    That is almost as difficult as licking your elbow... mine munched its zip and Philip sent it back to China for repair and 4 months later it eventually appeared long after i had replaced the smock.

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    I have been told that it can't be altered.

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