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Thread: .22 semi auto choices

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    .22 semi auto choices

    toying with getting a .22lr semi for club use on the indoor range. Now there are plenty of ruger 10/22 are cheap. But a fancy something different. Maybe. now i tried a ruger club gun which i thought i kiked the look of. But wasnt impressed with the accuracy at all. Is this the gun the ammo or what. The rounds were all over the place. I took my cz bolt action down today used my own ammo eley standard. and it was 10 shots one hole. So was it just that one rifle or whatanyone have any targets they can show me they grouping with their ruger. tia

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    If you don't want a new one have a look for a Browning s/a. Beautiful little gun. 11 shot mag in the stock. You can strip it down without tools. Mine is 50 years old and it is still reliable. Works with 22 subs as well. There is an FRD near me who has one for 50
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    +1 Had one out in Africa, great fun as a kid and you can carry it for miles 'cos it is so light.


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    I had a remington 597 s/a, the accuracy was nothing special and I used to find the frequent misfires/failures to cycle too distracting.
    In the end I traded it in for a cz 452 b/a which is far more reliable , particularly with sub-sonic ammo and a lot more accurate.atb, Tim

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    If your looking for some fun the gsg5 is good fun, kitted mine with a e o tec and quicksilver silencer accurate enough for squirrels and turning targets, the hc is very good better than the colt. If you want something to develop though the 10/22 has so many options and can be made as accurate as you are able to shoot.

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    When i was looking for an accurate Semi auto a couple of years ago i narrowed it down to 5

    Remington 597 heavy Barrel laminate - a bit budget and basic

    Marlin 7000T (Target) - Supposedly V accurate, but heavy, rare and the stock is a bit ' Captain America'

    Browning Buckmark - Good looking, short (10 shot mag in the grip), but, again - rare!

    Thompson Center R55 - couple of models available - well made and v accurate. Rare (The one i wanted)

    I went with a Ruger 10 22 T in the end, customised/accurised it myself - Very happy.

    Look for a target model of any of the above and have a fettle about - they are what a workshop is for! - Good luck

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    Realistically, a typical semi-auto will not outshoot a decent bolt action, but rather offers faster shooting in a multiple target, or follow up shot scenario.

    Some of the alternatives listed in earlier posts can perform well, but the Ruger 10/22 is one of the most easily customised rifles ever made. Just about every possible modification you could think of is available off the shelf.

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    CZ511 I've got one and for a semi it's pretty good, make sure it's got "subsonic" stamped on the barrel...

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    Didn't CZ quit the 511?? I have one that is a peach but I think it's been replaced by the new 512 (22LR and 22WMR) I talked with the guys at CZ USA on Thursday and handled the rifles. They are reputed to be shooters.~Muir

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