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Thread: Fox load for 6.5

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    Fox load for 6.5

    I've sold my .223 to generate some cash for my wedding (funeral) in May but still need to be shooting foxes, I always use 140gn Norma NP for deer but feel this is a little overboard for foxes, what will be best and where can I get them?

    Cheers JT

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    If you're happy with the accuracy of your current ammo, why not use them for foxes, you don't have to worry about meat damage
    and it'll save re zeroing .

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    I'm a little worried about the energy, the area where I shoot foxes in Suffolk isn't the most remote of areas, There are plenty of back stops and it's all pretty safe but I'd rather be safe in the knowledge that my bullet was going to break up!

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    Get your point , Maybe better using BT's , sorry can't help you on this 1.

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    This weeks Sporting Times (8th Jan) has the 6.5x55(Swede) on test. In the article he goes through some of the bullet weights you can use for Deer and Fox plus some sugested powders and velocities.
    You don't say which 6.5? someone may be able to help if you can be a bit more specific or you can try putting a post in the reloading section.

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    I've used Nosler 100g Ballistic Tips on Roe,Red and Sika.Always did the trick but I always felt they lacked penetration on some of the bigger beast. Very accurate, low recoil plus can exceed 3000fps.....ok providing you learn the trajectory. Should do great on foxes.

    I don't shoot foxes on my ground (young woodland plantation) as they do more good than harm by scoffing voles but I may have to revise this now as Blackgame have moved in and I would like to see them thrieve.

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    fox load

    go on to uk varminting!! good bunch of lads soon have you sorted
    what 6.5 you got
    95 grn vmax would be the order of the day i think
    all the best bruxie

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