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Thread: Gun safes

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    Gun safes

    Brattonsound 3-shotgun safe (130Hx21.5Wx20D) with dual 7-lever locks for sale at 50 collected

    Boxx 5-rifle safe (150Hx35Wx25D) with dual 7-lever locks and locking internal ammunition compartment at 80 collected - NOW SOLD TO MUNTY STALKER SUBJECT TO PAYMENT & COLLECTION

    Please PM me if you are interested, just in case I forget to check this thread!


    Last edited by Adamant; 25-01-2012 at 17:54. Reason: Rifle safe sold

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    If the boxx will take scoped rifles I will take it when I'm down next.


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    Tim - I might have already sold them both but if the guy doesn't confirm in the next 24 hours the Boxx safe is yours and we'll shoot holes in the other one with unnecessarily large rifles...


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    Hi Adamant - Has the rifle cabinet gone? I am based in Herefordshire and am looking for a used one!

    Regards - RK

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    Rifle safe now sold.

    Shotgun safe still for sale.

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