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Thread: SAKO 75 Price

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    SAKO 75 Price

    a mate of mine knowing I'm in the market for a .243 has offered me his Sako 75, he's unsure about how much it's worth. I know first hand that's it's well looked after but he advised me to check on a forum that the price sounded about right? He's looking to upgrade and has been the main steer in getting my experience etc.
    It's a Sako 75 - Finnlite, Synthetic Stock, Fluted Barrel with a T8 Reflex Moderator. No scope but will have the rings.

    He's basically said prob about 750 and I'm aware I'll have to spend a good amount on a scope.

    I'm aware i could pick up something brand new for 500 but hoped to get a better Rifle second hand but it's obviously a bit of a minefield, this way it's a trusted source, just wanted to understand the general perception if possible. I've put a few rounds through and it feels good!

    Thanks in advance


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    With my v limited knowledge i'd say thats a fair price for a good 'un.

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    Check the for sale section mate 1 on there just now ,price not far off tbh.

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    If you know its history that is a big plus.
    I had one off a mate, sako s/s .243, Hungarian S & B 8*56 optilocks, less than 200 rounds, for about the same.
    To say I was well chuffed would be an understatement.
    Flippin good rifle IMHO.

    Good luck,


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    Sounds like a potential winner, cracking rifle and well looked after. I know it will of had a hell of alot of rounds through it though - Works in Deer Management. I know he'd only sell good kit, we were just unsure if that price was right.


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    hi i paid 800 for my sako 75 synthetic/stainless with T8 and it had scope rings on it also mine had done less thann 50 shots tho
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    I would say that is a very good price having sold the same model a while back for a lot more to a very happy member from this site.
    Admittedly mine had not done as much work.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    good price and better than a 85 in my opinion only

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