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Thread: Venison recipe help required

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    Venison recipe help required

    Hi all,

    my wife Karen tolerates venison for my sake, but says it is a bland and tastes of iron [her words not mine]. Can anyone recommend a way to give it a bit more ooomph either a marinade or just herbs so I can suprise her and show it off at its best.

    She has a great palate so I need to work hard to impress her and show off venison at its best, a simple pan fry on its own will not do on this occassion.

    I am planning to cook on Wednesday so time is a little short, any help greatly appreciated, especially anything that is simple in flavour but does the job.

    Thanks in advance


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    What cut are you thinking of cooking?

    I ensure that all venison for family consumption is butchered same day. This ensures a less gamey flavour.

    Mrs Scotch Egg loves loin of venision (fallow) just pan fried or grilled. I also mince a hell of a lot and do burgers and Cottage pie. I do however mix with pork belly for added moister when mincing.

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    im going on the other side of the fence to SE with the hanging of the deer.

    i have found that hanging venison at the correct temp makes it less gamey and very tender , its like eating beef thats not been aged . Also try rabbit that been hung skin on (guts out) for 5-7 days what a diffrence way better.

    but i agree with SC what cut are you using

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    I have haunch steaks, tenderloin and the saddle all in the freezer so the choice is mine on the day. I would expect Haunch to probably have more flavour than tenderloin but the tenderloin will be more tender. Sorry to many tenders in that last sentance, it was hung skin on for 5 days before I skinned and butchered it. We have had haunch steak already which was so tender and I loved it that was simply pan fried, but Karen was not that impressed. I also pan fried some of the haunch till pink with garlic and onions in a roll for lunch for myself which was fantastic. My aim is to be able to show the meat off in the best way with accompanying flavours as Karen thinks a simple pan fry isn't for her. She will eat rare/blue beef steak so she does like meat, but I just have to convince her about venison.

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    For me simple pan/grill allows the true flavour of the venison to show. It is not over powered my different flavours.

    All I can suggest is try a different cut.

    I have been using butter and rape seed oil of late instead of olive oil.

    Good luck


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    Thanks fo rthe replies guys.

    I think I may have forund what I am looking for, I have just returned from town, and found an old cookbook in a second hand book shop, the book is called The Great Game Book and gives me 12 different recipes for various cuts of venison and having had a quick look through the book, I think I will be able to either use one of the recipes or amend to taste.

    I will post whichever recipe I end up using and what my wife thought of it later in the week.

    Thanks and regards


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