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Thread: bumpa foxing night

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    bumpa foxing night

    We aranged to go foxing last night and had the best night out yet dispite every thing going rong!. We had 7 in the bag for 4 hrs of eventfull lamping.

    started of geting ready rife, bolt, ammo, caller, check oh 4 rnds of ammo that will do we will only see one or two.

    Next wellies, coat, hat. wellies ripted buy the dog (little s**t) running late now put my TRAINERS on and went out the door with coat and hat in hand.

    arived no lamp B****S got the reserve out the van (ie smashed up lightforce).

    set of loaded my 4 rounds into my sako 243 first field lamp on fox ! 120m bang 1 dog down.

    ring ring phone coppers pochers in vicinaty hellicopeter up! move out of that vicinaty!

    moved to diffrent farm lamp on fox ! scweeeeek scweeeek (polistiren on window) ran in to 70m fox no2 down, dog again.

    With my mind saying two rnds left!!!!! we carried on no luck lamping for 20 mins then fox! fox! three of em running about not interested in any call, bang, shout nothing. so on foot we went in pusute found them in a in a dip hole in field one dog sha**ing a vixen and one dog laid watching this happen, or just waiting his turn. Anyway on the bipod bang mr and mrs shot with my last two rounds.

    Out of ammo now time to get on the phone and get some more firepower! 10 min later we pick up my mate and his gun and set to it again. promising my mates wife he will be in before 12pm!!

    next spot was by a dale side so put the caller on vixen call 2 mins later fox in to 100m bang! no 5 dog again.

    continued to drive straight upto a vixen in the next field 120m bang! no6

    ventured of to the pitt and called again we thought try dog call to any laddies out there it workted again 20 mins later vixen over the hill in to 30m (it wouldent stop) bang! no 7

    so after all the we had a rest had a smoke and my mate said what time is it i replyed sh*t 2am. Get in quick!! your late back home (VERY LATE) got him back and met a very unhappy wife!! at 2am in the morning not good!!

    In all we shot 4 dogs 3 vixens i got a massive telling off from the mates wife!! and my trainers was not white any more just one ball of mud!!

    But it was all worth it. Click image for larger version. 

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    thats they way , anyone can do it in the harvest but your doing a first class job this time of year

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    epic, that was a belter

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    Well done mate thats a good nights work well worth the ear bashing

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    just sorted the mates wife problem with flowers and cleaned my rifle so ile get it sited in and of we go again tomorrow after some naughty roe knocking feeders over.

    Thanks all for the coments, it was one to look back on in time!.

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    I hope that next time you go out you'll take a lot more ammo than you think you'll need. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.I tend to set a alarm on the phone to give me enough time to ssort myself out and get home by the time I told the wife, saves a lot of grief.Belting tale, and await the next one.

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    Cracking night mate,I always take 15 rounds,5 in the mag and 10 in the pouch,I do get fed up with taking them back out the pouch and putting them back in the box lol

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    Well done lads.

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