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Thread: A brace tonight

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    A brace tonight

    Me and scraggie arranged tonight ater the pheasant shoot yesterday.
    If the wind fell enough we would go to the small farm where I had shot a fox on monday morning while out stalking, seeing another 1 and hearing 2 barking.
    Well I rang him tonight and we agreed the wind had subsided enough to give it a go.
    We arrived behind the orchard and climbed upto the top of the bale stack to start the caller, Scraggie panned the beam and caught fox immediatly about 100m's it took off and ran like the clappers, I could see in the scope while I followed it, a gap in the hedge, will it stop before going through?
    It did and never got any further 1 down at 199m's with a very quick shot.
    We set the caller going and about 800m's away a pair of eyes looked.
    Yes another fox and it was coming.
    It stopped and lost interest at about 250m
    Scraggie changed the tune and in it came running straight at us. Turn it off I whispered, he did and the fox soon stopped puzzled.
    Bang it went down 163m's
    We had only been there 10mins.
    We called for another hour and had a drive around nothing else showing.

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    Well done the 2 of you

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    good shooting what was the rifle 22/250 ?

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    nice going john , i was out last night and missed one not like me to miss so gutted its been a while catching up with him oh well back out tonight ,wayne

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    sako 75 22250 zeiss 6-24x56 IR.
    fawn distress to grab attention then cotton tail distress

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    Good night out, well done. David
    It's accuracy that kills.

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