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Thread: Thanks Herbert for a great day

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    Thanks Herbert for a great day

    After a really great day out I need to thank "Herbert" (Ed).

    Even though I've stalked his ground many times, Tuesday turned out to be one of those days which I will remember for a long time and probably end up recounting to my friends untill I'm told to shut up.

    After taking a break from stalking over christmas, I went up to Hereford on the 17th and met Ed and fellow SD member "Bootneck45" (Sion) at Ed's house. After the usual banter over a cuppa we headed out to the ground. It was a beautiful frosty morning, so when we arrived we kitted up and decided that I would head up to a seat overlooking a field and Ed would take Sion to a seat in the main wood as we wanted to avoid the rice crispy effect as much as possible.

    Off I go, follwing the track up a bracken covered bank, glassing every inch as I go. About 20 yds away from the seat I bumped a Fallow Doe which had been lodged up under a Holly, how I had missed her I can't fathom. Anyway my Heart sank thinking I had blown my chances for the morning.

    Where the high seat is situated there's a large field sloping gently upwards crested on three sides by woods and from the base of the seat you can only see about a quarter of the field. Now having being caught out before I always climb two steps, then glass the field. Hey Presto 8 Fallow Does further up the field, but no shot on from the ground, so creepy, creepy up the ladder I go into the seat. Now quite a few Prickets and Sorrel have been taken of this patch this season, but not enough Doe's, so Bonus!!

    Glassed the field again, and selected a nice Doe. Dropped on the spot, reload, the rest run towards the seat and stop, thank you another broadside, down she goes, reload. Now they scatter, but two skirt the seat, trotting, so I gave a not to violent whistle and they both stop broadside and drop another on the spot, reload. So thats three more off the cull target in what could have only been seconds from the first to the third shot.

    Attachment 11888

    So out of the seat I go, checked all three and then start the messy bit. In my sika sack (thanks Poppins) I had a nice new unused Butt Out, lets give it a go. I couldn't get on with it, so aside it went and back to the old fashioned way. If anyone has got any tips on using one let me know.

    Back to Ed's for breakfast, Bacon sarnies for me and full english for Ed and Sion.

    For the evening stalk we decided to go to another piece of ground for a Munty. Now there's some really good Munty Bucks on this patch, so Ed stayed with me and off we went, as we walked the field edge to the seat Ed spots a Munty moving through the wood above us, do think I could see it, well after regaining my breath from too many fags and walking up a wet ploughed field, I did spot the wee beastie in the trees, but to late, up with the flag and off it went.

    So to the seat, all nice and quiet, wood nicely lity by the sun, wind going the right way, plenty of tobacco in my pocket, Ed nearly fell out of the seat ( Don't ask how) all we needed was for another fanged terror to appear. Well time passed with plenty of movement further the bank and then two Roe appeared 10yds from the seat, now it's always great to see deer and get a shot, but sometimes it is even better just to watch.

    We quickly decided to let both go and the Doe moved off through the wood. The Buck on the other hand decided to stay and play, literally. He stopped opposite the seat, sniffed the ground, took a bite from the one blade of grass at the base of a tree, did a hop, skip, jump span around, then looked around as if to check that no one was looking. He really was a good looking animal, cracking condition with a nicely marked gorget on his throat and about 4 inches of antler in velvet. Then he realised the Doe had moved off and with a skip he was gone.

    So that was my day, met another SD member, shot three Fallow, saw three species and was given a show. Again, a big thank you to Ed and I'll see you on the 24th.


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    Top Day.

    Good write up Ade, my feet have just thawed out!!

    Top day, great company.



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    Nice write up 270 hectic few minutes you had ,well done

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