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Thread: Not exactly light relif

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    Not exactly light relif

    Don't know how true this is ( its from America)

    Sighting In A New Rifle

    Sighting in your expensive new deer rifle

    1. Shiny new, high-powered deer rifle..............$ 1,200.00

    2. Quality, high-powered scope........................$ 550.00

    3. Bore sighting device.....................................$ 140.00

    4. Hospital Visit......................$ 4,893.00

    5. Forgetting to remove the bore sighting device prior to actually shooting the thing?


    Deer 1
    Hunter 0

    "Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."
    -John Wayne

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    A chap did a similar thing a few years ago at Minsterley ranges,
    he pushed a patch through but it didn't come out the muzzle. The rifle was destroyed, and the stock was shattered right back to the action, the owner escaped with just a damaged hand.

    A mate of mine had his 243 threaded and had taken it to the range to Zero it, a chap at the range just happened to ask if he could see what sort of a job they had made of the crown, when he looked he thought that there was no rifling in the end of the barrel, further inspection showed that it was a short length of clear plastic tube inserted in the end of the barrel ( i assume this is used when setting the barrel up in the lathe) He was not best pleased.


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    Maybe I am been a bit dumb, but don't you put the bore sighter in the chamber like a live round?
    If so how the hell do you chamber a round also

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    No, these ones go in the end of the barrel with a centering pine, like a colimator (?). Guess the shooter had the ultimate 'scope bite'.

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