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Thread: E-Tac Kahles 624i

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    E-Tac Kahles 624i

    I'm normally not a friend of lugging around a tactical rifle into the hill, but I promissed to take a few field pictures with the new Kahles 624i tactical scope that we are testing. Scope is sitting on our new E-tac stock made in carbon fibre weighing around 1050 grams with all the bits. The rifle has a 243 Border barrel fitted Fergal White in Athlone Eire and weighs all in 5.7kg. It is quite ok on the rucksack style sling. Optically the big 6-24x56 scope is brilliant and doesn't seem to have the tunnel vision that is seen with other high mag scopes. The mil3 reticle is not as clustered as some others and well useable for hunting. Very unusual is the way Kahles fitted the paralax turret on the top turret. My first thought when seeing this was...brilliant, why did others not think of it? For one it leaves the left turret free for the illumination and also one can check with one view the hight setting and distance of the paralax. The Paralax has soft clicks at the settings and is therefore useable in absolute dark. Up down has about 2.5m travel at 100m done with under two turns. The second turn is shown by a red button that pops up.
    We started stalking at first but the sika seemed to be tucked away as we had a force 5 blowing. Later in the morning I glassed two deer out on a wind sheltered bank. Both dropped on the spot. Later and as the wind back off a bit, we walked to higher ground but didn't come across anything anymore. Countryside was just beautiful. This was my first stalk since September that it didn't rain.


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    Beautiful looking piece of kit, and a great day to test it on. Superb...

    All the best.


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    Cracking setup thereand scenery ,well done on the deer as well.

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    I have seen etac via email,how much was the stock if you don't mind me asking,reply via pm if you prefer,atb swarovski

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    those kahles scopes are superb. very good optics indeed thats for sure. the one i got chance to look through at last light was superb and right up there with the likes of zeiss and s&b imo

    cracking stock to. can you do them in different colours

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    have kahles binos was fancying a scope next year thanks for the write up

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    Thanks for the kind words, Kahles is a well kept secret. The tactical scope just screams quality.

    Made this stock for myself... meaning three left over paints were mixed. I quite like the colour.
    Had enough of green and black stocks and I'm testing some different tan colours.

    My next outing will be up the hill in the distance, looking forward to that.

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    Nice post.

    That stock looks superb. Is this a business that you have ? Do you make and sell them. I`ve been toying with the idea of a new stock for one of my rifles, and what you have there looks just like the kind of thing I`m after. Lovely


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    Rake sorry for the late reply, yes that's what we do. I'm gonig to try the rifle at 600yds at the weekend. Might sell the complete rifle and start fresh with a 308 instead which would make a nice cheap to run long range or F/TR rifle.

    Received info on the scope retail price. will be around 2600 Euro


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