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Thread: W.R. Hardy Gunsmith in Forfar.

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    W.R. Hardy Gunsmith in Forfar.

    Morning all.

    I have been trying to get in touch with W.R. Hardy gunsmiths in Forfar Scotland with no luck. Can anyone tell me if this shop is still going?

    The website no longer works, the telephone numbers both fax and phone just produce a single tone, 118118 has no listing for them, Bt have no website for them.

    Its not looking good.

    Hope someone can let me know if it is still trading, and if so a contact number sould be great.



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    retired last year
    did not manage to sell the shop as a going concern

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    Yep, the shop closed last year due to retirement of Mr & Mrs Hardy. I believe Dick hardy is still competing at the odd clay pigeon day and is still rearing and running a pheasant shoot up Glen Clova.

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    Sign of the times I am afraid, nice couple and good old fashioned shop, picked up a Beretta silver pigeon from there before it closed.

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    A BIG thanks for the info chaps, that has saved me a considerable journey!

    Its a real shame the shop is no longer, his passion for the old school is sadly lacking in other gunshops.

    Many thanks


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