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Thread: 41 years ago new line in senior Guides

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    41 years ago new line in senior Guides

    was launched when Tika 308 was brought into the world, it was the new streamlined model with no hair

    Happy Birthday Andy

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    What's he having for his birthday - a new pair of cross country stalking slippers?

    Happy birthday senior guide.

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    And he doesn't look a day over 50! Happy Birthday Andy!

    That would make you a 1971 manufacturing year? Let me see if I've got any tea from the same vintage!

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    Thanks for that jayb thanks for your kind words. Mike i did get a new pair of slippers at xmas but i just cant get rid of the other ones yet ! may have too get them re soled has they have started leaking when off road in them now i tell ya they have been all over the uk now stalking with me. And Alex i bet you have tea bags going back as far for the year of jayb being born !! 1871 i have never know anyone who lets tea bags go out of date !! wadas will be after you

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    happy birthday mate

    your more than welcome to come for a birthday stalk mate

    gratis of course


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    Cheers Dave
    When we get the chance we will have another wander out mate thank you. see folks some members can have a serious chat and then some of them are

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    Happy birthday mate, 41 is that all you are????

    I must have aged real well then


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    Bloody hell senior guide not another year older your wearing well for a 41 I thought you were nearer 50 especially with the off roaders on.

    Happy Birthday mate, from both myself and Sandra x.

    Look forward to seeing you and your brother next month, DONT FORGET YOUR MODERATOR

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    Happy birthday Andy,
    When you come down next month don't expect the stalking to be as easy as last time,
    now you are so much older I will expect you to stalk how the grown ups do it

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    Thanks again for you comments, your all so kind looking forward to seeing you both (sikamalc + robin) in a couple of weeks. And Robin does that mean you have managed too find a place what isnt crawling with deer when we come to see you ??
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