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Thread: schmidt and bender ph scopes

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    schmidt and bender ph scopes

    i am looking at a 4-16x50 lm p3 precision hunter scope has lots of bells and whistles
    has any one any experience with one of these or similar
    thanks in advance
    a barony original

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    I have used the 3-13X50 PH for a number of years, no problems, been right around the world with it and used it in some of the toughest conditions. In low light it is not quite as good as my fix 8X56 swarvo and the max 12 power is a little limiting if you are using the scope for what it was designed for, so IMO the 4-16 makes more sense unless you are shooting running game.

    Bear in mind that any S&B scope can be fitted with BC turrets at the factory for around 200, so if you were to see another S&B scope at the right price S/H this could be turned into a PH model.



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    The 4-16 x 50 PH is a good compromise for LR shooting but they have a fine reticle and this is easily lost at low light. They don't come with illumination and nor is it an option or retro fit option either.

    Depends what you are using the scope for but I would be mindful that if for deer stalking it is a compromise in terms of LR ability and low light performance with regards to the ret.

    Another option is to get the 3-12 x 50 model with the L7 (fine) reticle (special order) and then have the PH turrets retro fitted. I have 3 of these on my rifles and with my .270 will get me out to 600 yards give or take which is more than I shoot live game at anyway.

    They are a super compromise and I had mine retro fitted with 0.5 cm click adjustments.

    Hope that helps.


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    Sorry meant to say L7 fine ret illuminated. 'twas the point I was trying to make.

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    thanks lads this has the p3 reticle mildot as far as i can see
    a barony original

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    Gregor MacLeod had one (Not listed on his web site).....reasonable price too, If I didn't want illumination, it would be on my rifle now. Give him a bell he might still have it.

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