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    On The Fallow

    After having no time off since the new year i decided to have a little trip down to the New Forest and crack on with the fallow cull. Up bright and early I left my house just before 0500hrs allowing time to get down there meet up with Nick and get in the high seat for just after 0615hrs. A couple of hours past with the rain coming and going, the only sighting being a muntjac in some thick woodland about 250yds down one of the rides to my right. Just as we were going to leave a cock pheasant gave out his alarm call and a charlie came trotting up a ride and disappeared off behind us. Just after 9 we called it a morning in the seat and went back to the truck for a well needed cuppa.

    After tea and breakfast we moved a couple of miles down the road to the other end of the woodland. Walking down one of the tracks I pushed off a row buck who had been laying in some bracken about 25yds away to my left. Done the usual roe trick of running 30yds then stopped to turn round and have a look. After 10sec or so he gave out a couple of barks and was on his way. Not wanting to move off straight away I took this time to glass the rest of the open woodland. Once happy nothing was there it was off down the track. Next ride on the left saw a fallow doe and two yearlings that were just coming out of the wood 70yds down. I stopped and slowly placed the rifle on the sticks but with no clear shot, waited for her to come further out. The wind was swirling badly at the ride junction and after a couple of minutes she caught our scent and moved back off into the wood.

    Nothing else was seen so reaching the end we headed back, just past where we had seen the fallow doe earlier, two young fallow pricket's were feeding in the holly, 50yds to my right. After 25mins of moving through thick cover to get a clear shot the first fallow of the day fell 10yds from where he was shot. His mate was not spooked and after 10mins of trying to get a clear shot he moved over the bank and out of sight. Waited another 15mins but he did not return.
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    After checking the pricket and pulling him back to the track, (that was hard work through some thick wood) we walked back to get the truck. 500yds on and I spotted a white fallow doe up under one of the pine plantations. Rifle up on the sticks, having a quick look around spotted two others just to the left, decided to take one of these and leave the white one as they are useful for spotting the herd and the clients on the continent like shooting these. 2nd fallow dropped 15yrds up the hill from where she was standing.

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    Saw another muntjac in the afternoon, but was again in thick cover with no clear shot. Another roe buck was spooked and that was the day done.
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    Looks like a good pricket, I would've left him.

    There is nowhere better to stalk fallow than the new forest.


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    Yes it was fairly nice pricket but with such large numbers in and around the area, the estate has a good size cull plan that it has been working on for a good number of years, this means only the very best are left.
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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