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Thread: Clu-briter and Fenix TK11 comparison?

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    Clu-briter and Fenix TK11 comparison?

    Evening all

    I know its a bit of a long shot but does anyone here have access to both the above lights.
    Having spent far too much time fumbling around in the dark attaching my TK11 after spotting things to shoot, (and usually scaring it off in the process!!) I have decided that I am going to leave one light (Fenix) attached to the rifle, and buy another for scanning purposes. I see that the Clu Briter is well regarded on here, but is it much better than the Fenix in terms of distance? If it isn't I may just buy another torch instead. Also, is the battery in the Clubriter accessible, and a common type, should I need to replace it in the future?

    Many thanks

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    Sorry I don't have the fenix but I plan to get a clubrite, at 44 - 50 why not, charge it at home or in the car filters are just 10. Am going to get a red and amber filter to go with mine and leave my ultrafire on the top of my rifle so I can spot/ search with the clubrite or lamp with it and drop to the rifle and ultrafire for the shot !

    I first saw Neil's (hornet 6) and it just seemed great although was just white and not with a coloured lense but I wish I had spent more time playing with it, am still getting one though ! Cheaper than a lightforce and no wires to tangle in and fight with ESP with lightforces poor reputation of bad wiring and filters at about 15-20 !

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    I have a Clubriter, and have tried several torch type things, including the Cluson 140 one, now use an UltraFire C8.
    The UltraFire is the best small torch I have ever seen or used, range even with a yellow filter is the better part of 200 yards.
    The Clubriter is a little brighter, without a filter the beam is good for nearly 300 yards, with the same yellow filter as the UltraFire
    the range is still good for 200 to 250 yards.
    The battery pack is hidden under a flap secured with a quick release (captive) screw, the actual battery is a pack made up from
    four AA sized batteries, there is an inline connector and I would think you could just order a spare pack, or get your local model shop
    to make you one up, but battery life is good (never flattened mine in one outing) and it comes with both 220 volt and an in car charger.


    PS: Hi Matt
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    Many thanks to both of you, thats exactly the type of info I was after. I've had rechargeable items in the past which have been great but, when the battery gets tired, a replacement is hard to find or hugely expensive, so that's good news.

    SS - thats exactly the technique that I inted to deploy!


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    Tuck 1, you do know that Cluson now do the Clubriter in a scope mountable format.
    LED Gun Lights - Clulite | Cluson Engineering Ltd.


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