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Thread: Whitworth Hunter .270

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    Whitworth Hunter .270

    Hi all, I havnt come across this make of rifle before. Can anyone shed some light on what its origins might be. Where it was made , by who. Pro,s and cons etc. Any information greatly recieved.

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    Whitworth's were built on the MarkX Mauser action made by Zastava of Yugoslavia. I had a good l had a good look once at one in 7 mm rem mag and seemed to be a good well made rifle - on a par with classic Brno's but with a classic American style stock.

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    I think that these were a Sam Cummings creation. He was an American arms dealer - his company Interarms - who variously owned Cogswell & Harrison and resurrected the long defunct "Whitworth Rifle Company". Logaical, really, as he had a huge warehouse in Manchester.

    So these Whitworth rifles despite the English Proof are really "European Americans" masquerading as bespoke British rifles.

    But! They are usually of good quality and with, on some, very good stand and fold barrel sights. I certainly would not dismiss them.

    See them as an American riposte, as it were, and actually better executed, to what Parker-Hale was doing less well (in terms of copying the "classic British stalking rifle").

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