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Thread: Variation clause.

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    Variation clause.

    I have submitted a "one for one" variation for my 243. I`ve bought and paid for my new set up and my Howa 1500 was used in part exchange.
    I received a phone call from my firearms dept asking if i still had my Howa, to which i replied yes.
    I was told i have to dispose of the Howa before my variation would be implemented, which would be about 7 to 10 days. It seems that temporary lisences are no longer issued unless the circumstances are exceptional.
    So at the moment i am grounded.
    This may be a bit of a heads up for anyone who only has one rifle of a deer calibre.

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    I had the same problem I thought it would be easier to do than it actually was, It would make sense to do it the sensible way, less hassle for everyone.

    Was with Wiltshire Constabulary at the time.

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    Hard luck, seems a bit unfair. I applied for a couple of variations last year and was issued with a temporary certificate for both the rifles I was changing. The certificate gave me 3 months to dispose of the rifles but I was also able to buy my new rifles on main certificate which was issued at the same time.

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    There was a time not so long ago when you could get a variation worded on the lines of 'authorised to acquire **** on disposal of ****' .
    So if you were doing a part exchange, as most of mine were at the time, you just handed your old one to the gunsmith or the person you were selling to, at the shop you were buying your new gun from and the paperwork went through the same day.
    You were only without a gun for the time it took to process the paperwork!!

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    Thomas, what part of the country do you reside?

    The truly common snese approach to all this is allow us to do a one for one sale i.e. sell a .308 buy another .308 and only insist on a variation if you change calibre's.

    Sorry my mind was being logical which equates to space debris to the FLO's.

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    Hello Rangefinder,

    I come under the West Mercia Constabulary. Last year I legally held the rifles I wanted to change, which were on a temp. certificate. I was also able to purchase the two additional rifles which had been added to my proper FAC.

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    I cant see to much problem in buying anouther rifle of the same calibre. All you need to do is go to your gun shop, do the deal. If he has the rifle you intend to buy instock, you give him your rifle as part exchange. You inform the police you have sold your rifle and have a variation put on your licence to buy the new one. If its a new rifle your gun shop will take a few days to get it. I did this once it took 10 days to get it all done.

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    I know a chap in Ipswich who is looking for a .243 if you would rather get rid of it privately

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    Whenever I've had a 1 for 1 on my fac, it's just been a straight swap in the gunshop.
    I'm afraid we are spoilt with our firearms dept in Inverness.
    If you give them a call and arrange a time to pop in they will ammend or put a vatiation on you cert. in the time it takes you to nip out and grab a coffee, it's probably down to having a very rural area and a high% of Firearms ousers.

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    I am fortunate enough to be with bambislayer, geographically speaking, our firearms department will do the variation for you on the spot, just give them a call and let them know you are coming. It is all done very sensibly but there again there is a lot of us with guns and no gun crime.


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