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Thread: Hill Stalking

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    Hill Stalking

    Im completely new to stalking as those of you who have read my posts or met me already know. Iv got a day booked up with a guide, but im thinking about later in the year.

    Im looking at buying a stalk somewhere up in Scotland or similar . Im after some serious lung busting hill stalking that will break my back but not my bank! Can anyone recommend some guided stalking to be had that would fit this kind of order. Also too, whats the best time of year to go, (Reds hopefully) can i include some wild brownie fishing and what sort of priceing should i anticipate. I dont own my own rifle yet so cant take advantage of the land available to SD members near JayB

    Travelling from London im naturally going to have to sort out lodging (Iv sold the chopper with the credit crunch, so i'll take my Citroen, what!) so I understand thats all extra.

    Any pointers are most appreciated.

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    Re: Hill Stalking

    Any pointers are most appreciated.

    Thats not supposed to be a pun! Im serious.

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    Hi Dano, PM me if you want with some dates and what you are looking for, might be able to squeeze you in around mid October.

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