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Thread: imperial/metric conversions on ticket

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    Question imperial/metric conversions on ticket

    this is a question that has intreagued me for a while, while i know you get 7.62/308 and 5.56/.223.(i know as i have both down on my ticket) are there any other calibres that could be interpreted by the firearms section in the same way, the main reason for asking is that i will be asking for a 1 for1 in selling off my .243 and going for a 6mmxc and was wondering if i would be able to ask for a .243/6mm on my ticket when i submit it to my local police division, thus keeping my options open in the future.
    thanks, remy17

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    I got a variation for a 6mm rem this year and tried to get .243/6mm put on my ticket they wouldnt have it, insisted on the 6mm/.244rem description. (lancashire police)
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    Hi Matt.

    i went for a 6mm BR and was told thats what the calibre is thats what we put on your ticket, same when i wanted a 20 cal, they said which one ?, so i went for the 20 tactical and thats whats on the ticket.

    i think you will have to send pit street the same, 6xc, end of, if they don;'t know what one is they will by the end of the day.

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    I have four different cals on my ticket,not one is named by case only by bore .17rifle .204rifle .243rifle and 6.5rifle,just put down you want a .243rifle and as long as it doesn't come back as 243win you can have any 243/6mm rifle
    atb Paul

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    My force wouldn't have .30 cal. Insisted on .308 Win/7.62x51mm, which is a specific cartridge rather than a caliber, so couldn't for instance have 7.62x39mm. It's not really an issue, provided you've picked the right cartridge for the job you want it for in the first place before you ask for it. If you make the wrong choice, then the variation becomes your friend.

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