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Thread: BBC News Devon "Unlawfully killed in The rutting season"

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    BBC News Devon "Unlawfully killed in The rutting season"

    I thought the Stag closed season was August to April????

    Must of shot a Hind ( or Doe) then.


    23 January 2012 Two men charged with shooting north Devon deer

    Two men have been charged in connection with the unlawful shooting of a deer during the rutting season in Devon.
    The animal was shot and killed in the Shirwell and Loxbeare area of North Devon last October.
    The men, aged 35 and 38, from the North Devon area, are charged with poaching, killing a deer during the closed season and unlawfully killing a deer.
    All wild deer, with the exception of Muntjac, are protected during the closed season.
    For female deer - does and hinds - this is from 1 March to 31 October. Stags and bucks have a shorter closed season from 1 May to 31 July.
    The two men will appear before North and East Devon Magistrates' Court in February.
    It is not known what type of deer was killed, but the three most common species in the area are red, fallow and roe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Croc View Post
    I thought the Stag closed season was August to April????
    Err no, stags and (fallow) bucks have a closed season of 1 May - 31 July as per the article.

    No mention of which species or sex so as you say, probably a female deer.

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    Not being a Stalker I had to look on the BASC site for the info, I have misinterpreted the info oops
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    Hey Croc - the info you found is right - but these are the open seasons, not the closed ones - so Orion is correct.

    Interestingly, the article is therefore wrong in the close dates - 1 April not 1 March (emboldened text in OP).
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    It's a misleading article quoting out of date legislation. No worries Croc.

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    No sweat Brian. Have a look at the Best Practice Guide for England/Wales for up to date info.

    The female closed season they quoted in the article was, as Eric the Red has said, from before the increased open season.

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    I'm surprised by all the talk of "closed" seasons on this thread -from the BBC perhaps, but from fellow stalkers? It must be all the excitement!

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