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Thread: Second Fox This Year

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    Second Fox This Year

    Well, had a quick flash over my garden hedge onto some permission that surrounds me just now, been chucking rabbit heads/guts/wings you name it, its been thrown in there to attract the foxes in to my rifle or shotgun.

    Been after a crafty fox recently that has normally ran after the lamp was on it for a few seconds. Bu this time, i lamped the field so see the fox, lying down next to the hedge that runs parallel with my lane with three bungalows on it. So went inside very quietly, got the .22lr out and loaded with winchester subs. Normally load a high velocity for charlie but i could shoot that next to the bungalows, but i am also confident enough to place an accurate shot.

    So came back out side to see the fox still there, then decided instead of taking the shot from the garden, i went down the lane ten yards and up onto the back where i would be looking down on the fox at an angle and thus giving a safe shot. So took the sticks, went out side, got ready, took my time (Normally dont get so excited over a fox as had a few last year but i was on my own and wanted to get this bugger) breathed for a good 20 seconds, didnt want to rush the shot and seeing as the fox was enjoying itself in the grass lying down, he wasnt in a rush either.

    Bought the lamp up, placed the cross hairs on the base of the neck/lung area and squeezed the trigger to head a very quiet .22 subsonic winchester 40grain hit home. The fox simply dropped its head and rolled over slowly like a rabbit. Made sure he was dead and placed the rifle back into the cabinet and got the terrier to let her have a wiff of a fresh fox.

    Fox number 2 this year, trying the beat last years total of 57 so its going good so far ladies and gentsClick image for larger version. 

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    Nice write up,good luck with the target total.

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    Good lad, keep it up!

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