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Thread: Large Munsterlander Bitch Free to good home

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    Large Munsterlander Bitch Free to good home

    KC registered 5 year old Large Munsterlander Bitch. Spayed.

    Free to good home. Nervous around children and our toddler hence rehoming.

    Excellent ability to track could be harnessed more.

    PM me for more specifics or with questions.

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    shame ya so far down, any reason why she spayed ?

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    Very interested and could be in a position to help/ provide solution - PM sent

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    Many thanks to the SD members. Its a shame others cannot be so helpful!

    Hi All,
    Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread.

    I am pleased, but at the same time sad, to announce we have re-homed our large munsterlander. Someone from the SD enquired about her so we went down from North Wales to Oxford to meet Jonathan and his other half. Jonathan asked me to take her out and hunt her on a shoot to see what she was like and then we stayed with them so we could see how she got on with them. What a fantastic home we have found for her and I am so pleased it is a working one. We have been in regular contact with them since and pleased to report she has really settled in for what must have been a very unsettling time for her. Our house seems very quiet now without her with us just having the other large munsterlander and our springer.

    In the last week I saw a quote on the stalking directory where someone was re-homing a GWP. He said 'A good home is more important than money' and I cannot agree more. I advertised our bitch free to a good home as thats what she was, FREE. But she would never have gone to any home and thats why we would have gone anywhere to vet a new potential owner.

    For those out there within the Large Munsterlander breed that posed as bogus interested parties (and even created SD accounts to do so) and then made up their own story as to our reasons for rehoming, shame on you. You do nothing for the breed other than create bad feeling. If you had been that concerned you would have either contacted me directly with concerns or gone to the breeder of our bitch, who knew and fully supported our decision to re-home her. I think I am fairly typical amongst shooters, we call things like they are, yes she was free to a good home, but as I said not any home, a good home.

    To all the SD members who offered support and advice, thank you. In the end a true gent has taken her on and she will have a wonderful life with him. If Jonathan see's this, thank you for making this a far easier decision.
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    We had been talking and discussing about getting a Large Munsterlander to work with my deer management activities for a while. I have recently been working with a lovely labrador owned by a friend of mine, who had convinced me that a 'deer dog' would be a tremendous asset.
    Doing a bit of driven shooting as well, a breed that really offers plenty of skills was what we were really looking for.
    After seeing 'stalker.308's' post, we discussed the post at home, but didn't make contact immediately. We presumed that the bitch would have been snapped up. However, in order to stop worrying about it, I made contact.
    We have rehomed four dogs before, as all dogs deserve proper discussion and consideration, as more often than not is not anyone's 'fault' that a new home is required, just circumstances. Each dog and their circumstances are individual, and after speaking at great length with the couple who were considering a new home for this bitch, we decided that we would organise meeting them.
    Obviously just as much as the bitch was 'on trial' to us, we were 'on trial' by her owners. We were delighted when the whole family, including their two other dogs and their extremely cute toddler, made the epic journey from North Wales to our home in Oxfordshire.
    It was important to see just how the bitch would fit in with us, our home, and our very 'human' Staffie. It couldn't have gone better. We took the bitch out for the afternoon, where she proved herself biddable, well trained and a natural hunter.
    The next day it was mutually decided that we would keep the bitch. Her owners were very professional and managed to keep a hold of their emotions. We have entered into an agreement which suits everyone including the bitch.
    A week has now gone by, and we are thrilled! The experience so far has proved to us that the Large Munsterlander as a breed, is certainly very special. They are loving, sharp, affectionate, keen and certainly hunting machines.
    I cannot wait to develop the confidence and relationship that the bitch and I have already built up together.
    This is a very happy ending to what must have been a difficult decision.

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