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Thread: Another brace tonight

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    Another brace tonight

    Back to basics tonight, no rangefinder scope set to 160m's and a sand bag on the bonnet of grahams (keeper) landrover.
    After riding about for a while and seeing 2 foxes which wouldn't sqeak in or stand luck changed a fox squat down in ploughing.
    all i could see in the zeiss under the red filter were its eyes. i whispered to take off the filter, he did and wallop a shot between the eyes at about 160m's off the wing mirror.
    No exit found,

    then another in the "park" going mad sniffing around and totally disinterested with the caller.
    Have you a bitch in heat i said knowing it was where he walks the dogs.
    Yes he replied.
    You draw your own conclusions.
    Anyhows a gentle sqeak on his hand got the foxes attention.
    It came along the wrong side of a post and rail fence finally coming through it at about 200m's. Close enough as i was on the bag now over the bonnet.
    I sqeazed the trigger and down it went without moving an inch a very big dog again about 20lb (he'll weigh it tomorrow).

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    great stuff. bet the keeper was happy

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