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Thread: Wildlife Crime

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    Wildlife Crime

    Don't like unfounded remarks/cmplaints against the Police but my local WCO needed a slight kick up the ass. I had passed on good info re poachers. This included reg numbers, area they were poaching, pick up point and that I believed that they were illegally in possession of firearms. I suggested a covert camera covering the pick up point. He comes back with "can't use a camera as the penalties for Wildlife Crime are not sufficient enough to obtain RIPSA authorisation" Oh really and the penalty for illegal possession of a firearm is .................

    Then I started to think. I know of at least two instances where cameras have been used in an attempt to gain evidence in alledged crimes involving raptors. I also know of a couple of instances where a keepers house etc was searched for poisons, these searches involving the expense of several officersalong with other agencies. I do not condon any wildlife crime but it would appear that some Wildlife crime is not investigated with a balanced approach.

    Things are now moving along very nicely.

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    Poaching seems to be excepted by the police as they find it very hard to get a result , but surely armed tresspass is something they have to act upon .
    Put it in writing to the chief constable of police expressing that the information you have is relevant to the crimes being committed and public safety may be at risk . The local plod in our area tend to pick and choose which illegal acts they do anything about normally choosing the problems that they get invited into the house for a warm and a cup of tea avoiding any confrontation what so ever .

    best of luck

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    Raptors are big news get your name in the papers and all that. There is a grant you can get from SNH to help stop deer poaching might be worth a look.

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    I think a lot of the problems also come from perception of how serious a crime it is for years Deer have been discribed by SNH/DI the government in general as vertiually pests so there is little incentive for police (headlines help funding)
    Getting people to realise the value of deer,employment, food value etc is difficult.

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    Getting people to realise the value of deer,employment, food value etc is difficult.
    Maybe B.A.S.C. could resurrect the practice of a presentation of some sort, (as in what to expect a lawful shooter to be doing/carrying), like a bit of a background to the whole deer / sporting shooting thing with relation to jobs / economy etc? ............ after all they do have that wonderful new centre for this sort of thing.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I know on a couple of cases on raptors down my way that it was either the rspb or rspca that payed for and placed the cameras in coalition with wildlife officers

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    some councils will use cameras to catch peoples dogs ****ing where they shouldn't. Kind of puts things in perspective!!


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    B.A.S.C. might be tempted to help with a wildlife crimewatch effort?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I have a similar story;

    Yesterday at around 2 pm I was showing one of our woods to forestry guys for felling, when i herd some shots, initially i thought it was on the other side of the wood but when we got into the wood i could hear they were without doubt in the wood. A short walk later and i come across a guy right in the middle of the 450 acre wood with a 3 shot semi auto blasting at pigeons - he is Italian and doesn't speak English, luckily for him i spoke Italian and told him i was seizing his Shotgun for poaching and he would need to accompany me back to my vehicle where i would organise for the Police to take him to the station, he told me he was sorry, but he had paid money and was told to go here by a shooting guide who dropped him off on the road and told him to go and shoot pigeons in the wood. He reluctantly obliged. After 10 minutes walking both my dogs returned with dead pigeons, which he said were from his "pile" - sure enough i find a pile of 6 and take them along as well - Evidence.

    The police arrived (45 mins after the 999 call) and took him, his dead pigeons and his gun back to the station, they informed me they would come to my house later (before 6pm when i was leaving for Edinburgh) for a statement and in the mean time would take the guy to the police station for questioning with an interpretor.

    At 17:30 pm the police called me to tell me they had released him because he was not there with Criminal Intent and therefore was not poaching. I just about fell off the phone.

    My father is now pursuing it but it looks like no one will answer for anything.


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    I reported a guy for trying to poach roe with his shotgun who I was knew came on the ground a lot. I heard the shots when I was up the high seat and went to get him. I saw the guy ahead just off a ride and got to him but he just laughed at me and walked off saying he was shooting the crows. So I phoned the police anyway and they weren't interested saying there was nothing they could do.

    What make it worse was the guy I shot the ground with found a young doe with his dog that was clean so he checked it and all it had was a what looked like a few aaa in the gut and back end. There's nothing you can do when the law is on their side and what you could do would see you in trouble.

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