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Thread: Unusual meats

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    Unusual meats

    Further to a previous thread concerning horse meat i was wondering what other unusual meats you guys have eaten ( KEEP IT CLEAN ).
    Having eaten Horse steak in switzerland , Kangaroo , Osterich , Frogs legs , snails is there any others that might tempt ones pallet

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    Although it's a bit more politically correct these days, the Carnivore restaurant at Nairobi was always good fun - pretty much any edible African animal at one time or another - and for me, crocodile was most memorable. Tastewise, I won't be lobbying Sainsbury's to get it in but it was OK.


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    Knottaclu , did the crocodile make you snappy

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    I've been to Carnivore's in Nairobi used to be able to eat pretty much anything except the "big 5". I enjoyed all of them especially as the only non-meat food on the table was some shredded cucumber. All this washed down with vodka, lime and honey cocktails. Happy days.

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    It depends what you call unusual I guess. I've had all of the below and hedgehog with squirrel being a regular. Had snake too.
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    Osterich, Shark, Snake, Horse, Ants, Croc, Eyeballs, plus a load of things I did not want to know what it was!!!

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    Had most African game animals and osterich as 'Biltong' in South Africa, but also had elephants trunk! (Not a whole one!) oh, and crocodile.
    We also managed to 'cull' some impala with the wheels of a Hercules on 'black light' which got served up next day!
    Had horse in France, reindeer in Norway, snake in thailand (maybe?), grouper cheeks in florida.
    Also ate a massive black spider alive when pi55ed for a bet!
    Everything out of the ordinary tastes like chicken anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by widu13 View Post
    with squirrel being a regular.
    Whats it like? I just can't bring myself to try it!

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    A few years ago, sainsbury's were selling alligator, kangaroo and ostrich meat.

    I tried all three however if im honest, ostrich is the only one I would eat again, the other two were nothing special.

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    You might find this website amusing,
    Whilst in Africa I managed to munch my way through most of the plains game. Some of the more interesting things on offer were giraffe's tongue, porcupine and a rather tasty sausage made out of eland offal, stuffed inside its intestines and barbequed.
    Here is the fun we had trying to extract the thing,

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