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Thread: Scope for .17HMR

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    Scope for .17HMR

    As the title surgests, I am looking for a new scope for my .17HMR. I currently have a 3-9x40 BSA which has actually been very good and I have got on well with but Squirrels do look awfully small at 100yards + so would like something with a bit more magnification whilst not costing more than 200 and not swamping my nice handy short barreled CZ.

    Recomendations please!



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    Try this site have their VO Counterpunch 6-25x56 FFP Scope in my .17HMR and like it a lot. I recently looked into getting the VO Monarch 8-32x56FFP for another rifle I want to get and was quoted, USD 245 per set including express shipping, one piece tactical weaver mount, flip-up caps and honeycomb sunshade. I think that they are good valye for money. There will be many opinions, each to their own.

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    If they are too small at 100yds try getting closer You dont say how much magnification you're thinking about but Uttings have a deal on a Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40 for 119 with a bdc ret which might be worth considering.I have a Nikon Monarch on my hmr and I can't fault it.

    They also have a Bushnell Legend 5-15x40 for 199.99 with a mildot ret.
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    try - you can pick up a leupold for 209

    otherwise the Hawke panorama scopes are very good rimfire scopes - I've got the 4-12x40 on my CZ at the moment and it's ideal - cheapest place is believe it or not!

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    I have a bushnell legend 5-15x40 in the for sale section that would suit your needs.

    I had it on my 22-250 and I have another on my hmr.

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    Thanks for the input guys. Yes, looking for somting that can go up to a minimum of 16 Mag so I can really make the most of the ability of the .17hmr's range. Pref with turrets.

    I have had Bushnell scopes in the past and have been very impressed. I hear good things about the MTC range and also the Falcon Menace scopes. Any of you folk had any experiance with these?



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    MTC Genesis is a very good scope indeed for a 17HMR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    MTC Genesis is a very good scope indeed for a 17HMR.
    I found the MTC's to be very eye-critical - not a lot of good for me in the field as always seem to be at a slightly odd angle!

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    Simmons WTC or a Bushnell will do. Ive had MTC scopes and found they white out when it starts getting dark


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    i just use a 7x50 meopta on mine but if you want some mag i have a bushnell 6-24x50 4200 elite tactical for sale but mite be a bit to much

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