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Thread: Shotgun Fitting.

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    Shotgun Fitting.

    Any recommendations for a gunsmith/instructor who can measure gun fit? Mine probably needs lenthening, the comb raising and a bit more cast added, and I would like to get it as good a fit as possible with an off-the-shelf gun.

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    Good question, in the good old days any decent market town gunsmith could do it.

    However you could give Ladywood Shooting School a bell as its close. Best place would probably be the West London Shooting Ground, there mid week slots arn't that expensive when I last saw them advertised.



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    Greenfields In Salisbury or Mike Rainback in Dorchester are both very good .

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    bring your gun with you when your down stalking next mate i expect we can sort out the fit then you can get any alterations
    sorted i know a good bloke not far from you regards pete .

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    +1 for Chaplins in Winchester.
    Laurie Hart fitted my last gun and it was great. The work was done in house as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hants View Post
    +1 for Chaplins in Winchester.
    Laurie Hart fitted my last gun and it was great. The work was done in house as well.
    Yes, they made an excellent job on mine as well

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    Thanks, lads. Michael Pinker at Ladyswood Shooting School fitted my last gun for me; he is sadly missed. WLSS charge 115 for a fitting session, which is a lot less than one local-ish coach. I will give Chaplins a call, and also speak to Roedinator. It would be good to have one less excuse to use on a bad day!

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    If its any help, Mike Teauge (as in the chokes) fitted my Browning B25 for me properly about 5 years ago, admittedly it only needed lengthening and the stock refinishing but he did a superb job. You'll have to google him but he's not far from you, just the other side of wooton under edge nr. Leyhill prison.


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    I too have had a few guns done by Mike Teague, first class job.

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