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Thread: Shoot vehicle lease?

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    Shoot vehicle lease?

    Does anyone lease a shoot vehicle?
    If so , What are the pitfalls if any.
    The boss asked to start looking for another truck (our L200 has been a Disaster!!!) Never again!
    One of the guys suggested a lease vehicle but I havent much experience with that kind of deal.

    Thinking of a Hilux,but it will get fairly well used(abused) over the next three years or so.
    Got to cut a hole in the roof as well! I cant see a leaseing company liking that ?

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    A lot of estates are leasing now. Lex or oglvie are the best bet. You can customise to your specs is fine eg lamp winch etc as long as its fitted by their approved garages and you have the pickup on a long term lease eg 5 years.

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