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Thread: Fed up, need a change.

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    Fed up, need a change.

    Are there any company/estate owners, people due to retire or anyone in a position to employ on here who can offer me a career change. I need a new start in a new location. Iv wanted this for a while but becoming a dad 3 weeks ago has made me want it even more. Want to move my new family to pastures new.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    Best of luck but you will be in a long long Q with many others. I wish you well.

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    If i had my time again i would have gone to New Zealand

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    If i had my time again i would have gone to New Zealand
    Already had the forms filled in once for Canada. All we had to do was post them off with the cheque but the wife bottled it. I know if we don't go we will regret it later in life.

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    Nz is a great place, but they are feeling the pinch at the moment there.

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    To be fair, South Yorkshire isn't what it used to be, I was born and raised there, left for Gloucestershire 22 years ago. My parents still live there and I visit fairly regularly but I can't wait to get away again. Good luck.


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    I don`t think the grass is greener where ever you go, here or abroad.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    You and your wife have a lot on your plate with a new addition to your family, If you want to emigrate perhaps plan a holiday there first to see how the land lies ,then you would have an idea as a couple ,
    We had a job lined up for me in Canada , They were so desperate that in the end I could have started work in six weeks and completed the process when we got there , The bear in the cupboard was if either of us failed the medical .The wife has a big old problem with her back , we would be in a position to be refused the job everything , So we didnt go ...............
    Then you get to an age when you cant go .


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    Good luck with the new addition Matt and the career move. What do you do now if you don't mind me asking and what would you like to do other than shoot?

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    There is never anywhere comparable to the green grass of home!

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