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Thread: DIY Electronic Caller

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    Post DIY Electronic Caller

    Hi All

    Following on from my last post re the Fox Callers,I took the plunge and had a go at making my own.
    For anyone who is interested, the parts are all freely available on Ebay and from Maplins. In case the BBC are watching, other providers are in existence !!!
    My plan was to have a bash at making up a caller at a reasonable cost and in the process enjoy the creativity of it all.
    The story so far.
    1. On to Ebay and source one of these car novelty sound kits. 4.m1497.l2649#ht_4300wt_952

    12.68 postage paid

    2. Visit Maplins for 8X AA batteries and battery holder and battery clip

    I bought the mixed pack of batteries,as I needed others anyway, which was 9.99.
    The battery clip and holder cost 2.68

    3. Solder up the joints and away you go. The amp has a mic input which you attach an MP3 or phone to
    and play the sounds through the amp. I was dubious as to the sound level but when i tried it I found it very loud and capable.
    The whole lot goes into a small plastic tool box (15"X5") and its ready to go.
    For a total outlay of less than 20, I think its been a worthwhile venture.
    Hopefully a couple of pictures below.
    All I need now is some decent weather and try it out.
    As always, glad to hear what everyone thinks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Alan it looks great, well done. Now lets see some foxes next to it!


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    Nice one bud

    thats a cracking idea,

    when i first seen the picture i thought it was a cb radio and you had the speaker set on the mic and using the pa side of the cb.

    let use know how you get on,

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    Bob, you've given me an idea ! How about an FM transmitter hooked up to my iPhone with my playlists of calls, and a waterproof FM radio sat in the field ... might be worth investigating.

    Currently I use a Music Angel in a plastic box, with a 20-minute sequence repeating from a Micro-SD card (under 10 total) until I can raise funds for better, and I have an FM transmitter somewhere in the car.

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    Good idea mate did you call any cows in with the built in animal sounds?!

    Just a thought rather than the small batteries could you not use a 12v 7.5ah lamp battery for about the same dosh? I know it'll be a bit heavier but with it all going in the box it won't matter
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    heres one i made

    works well but a little to big to fit comfortably in my coat pocket

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    Attachment 11969 Made one with radio shack mini audio amplifier 10 from amazon. Plug Mp3 player straight in.

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    Hi could you tell me what i would need for that set up Jonty
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    Hi All
    Glad to see all the ideas,thanks for that.
    KMCK, you must be close to me,
    give me a PM and I'll let you see the components and make your
    mind up.


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    i have just ordered one of those radio shack amps to go with my ipod nano i have a speaker just incase its not loud enough ,great ideas coming through

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