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Thread: Cigars cohiba

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    Cigars cohiba

    Any serious cigar smokers on here ?
    Quality Cubans not hamlet smokers.
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    Indeed. Partagas series D no.4, Cohiba Robutos, Montecristo no,s 1,2,4 and Bolivar Belicosos being my go to vitoles.


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    I have been known to toast a few.
    Prefer Romeo and Julietta myself, No.1's

    have the privilege of having extended family being based in Cuba some time back so was getting them at a discount! free!

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    Esplendidos !!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I find Cohiba's a touch too strong, but very partial to Romeo and Juliettas. Finished last box (from Cuba summer hols) in October. Bought some mini costellos from the famous 'Bear' shop in Cardiff over Christmas period, and had to pay 10.25ea for them! Not a happy bear

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    Try TopCubans or Don Gabriel. You'll have to google them.


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    Brought some Montecristo robusto back last time I was in the Dominican - luvly

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    Try a few of these stogie`s

    9. Stradavarius
    This first entry is coming in at a very respectable $35 bucks per stick, which is more than every cigar I’ve ever smoked in my life combined, but good for only 9th in our list. This smoke contains a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Mexican tobaccos. This price reflects the Churchill size, which more than two other sizes, so make sure you get the Churchill size if you want everyone to know you’re rich as hell.


    8. Louixs – Grand Metropolitan Company
    I have no idea how to pronounce this name, but no matter, the folks behind this cigar insist that it’s “the finest cigar money can buy.” So take that! It’s a shorter smoke, measuring only 6 inches with a ring gauge of 60, but maybe that’s just because it’s secure about who it is and doesn’t need to go strutting around like a big shot. I’m kidding. At $50, this guy is kind of strutting around like a big shot. Further, this guy is backed by no less than the Beverly Hills Cigar club. Bet those are a bunch of down-to-earth people.
    7. Opus X BBMF – Arturo Fuente
    At $55 bucks retail (though I found it for about half that online), this cigar is in the ballpark of “purchaseable” for most cigar enthusiasts. However, the real reason for getting your hands on this isn’t the price tag, but rather the name. BBMF stands for “Big, bad, mother…” If that’s not enough to make you drop sixty bucks on something, then you’re simply not up for enjoying the finest things in life. This is all I would smoke if I had the choice.
    6. Don Arturo Edicion Anniversario – Arturo Fuente
    This cigar, created in 2001, but not releaed until 2008, was made by Carlito Fuente in honor of his father, Arturo Fuente. A box of these contains a mix of maduro and natural wrappers, and will set you back $7,500 for 92. Pricey. But can you put a price on luxury? Yup. It’s about $78 bucks per cigar.

    5. Opus X “A” – Arturo Fuente
    Here’s an instance where you might be paying more for quantity over quality. This guy is coming in at 9.2 inches and a 43 ring gauge. Though it’s priced at $79 each, it’s widely regarded as being more rare than even its price tag dictates. Fortunately, though, if you start smoking it now, you should be able to enjoy this cigar for the rest of the year, no problem.

    4. Behike – Cohiba
    Finally, the well-reputed Cohiba line makes an entrance on our list with the upper-rare Behike, which you can obtain for the low, low price of $470. In 2006, these cigars were released with individual serial numbers on each cigar, constantly reminding you that you’re choming on a limited edition. However, if you want the name, but not the price, Cohiba is releasing a different blend under the same name for about $50 per cigar. Still not cheap, but cheaper.
    3. Her Majesty’s Reserve – Gurkha
    You pretty much have to be among the most expensive cigars in the world when you have a name that pompous. Fortunately, Gerkha follows up this entry with one that has a much cooler name. However, this cigar has some bragging rights outside of just its name. The $750 smoke is infused with Louis XIII cognac, which itself runs $2,000 per bottle. Reviews on this cigar are few and far between, but one did claim that the cigar was overpriced. Duh.
    2. Black Dragon – Gurkha
    With a name like “Black Dragon,” you know this guy is good. And with a price tag of $1,150, it better be. The current Black Dragon production line is a lot less exclusive, but when this guy was introduced in 2006, it was a much hotter property. Only five boxes were produced, with each cigar containing a blend of tobacco from all over the world. It’s unknown if Gurkha ever actually sold one of the five boxes, considering each one would run you $115,000, but in my dreams I bought all five.
    1. Corojo #5 El Gigante – Gran Habano
    Well, this contest was fun while it lasted. Entry #2 came in at $1,150 per cigar. But the champ comes in at a whopping $200,000. Of course, the definition of “production cigar” gets tested a fair amount here, as this cigar has elements that are almost a century old, but the geriatric nature of this stogie is mitigated but technology that makes it more smokeable, like 40 suction tubes inserted in the cigar to make I easier to smoke, considering its age. You would think they’re setting all sort of records, considering this smoke costs as much as a Bentley.

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    Curently working my way through a box of cohiba Esplendidos to expensive for my pocket but a welcome gift from my father in law.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    The brother in law gets me free cigars from the dominican republic. A fresh shoebox sized parcel arrives every other month. I knew there was a reason i married the wife!

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