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Thread: DSC1 completed

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    DSC1 completed

    Any body know how long after sitting the DSC1 that you here if you have a pass or not

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    Around 30 days, sometimes quicker

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    i was just over three weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun22/250 View Post
    Any body know how long after sitting the DSC1 that you here if you have a pass or not

    Fingernails getting a bit short? I've just put in for mine in May and am sure I'll be the same.

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    Im quietly confident but still...........................I know i passed the deer ID, the shooting test and the safety/simulated stalk, its just the written tests. Oh well just have to play the waiting game

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    ...we were told on the day !
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    You'll be fine. The assessor told you it would be around four weeks - and he's usually pretty accurate. Just have to sit and wait.....!!
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