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Thread: Browning X-Bolt .243 Complete Package!

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    Browning X-Bolt .243 Complete Package!

    Hi there Everyone ,
    I am regrettably selling my 2 year old Browning X-Bolt .243 shes fired about 150 rounds and comes with everything you see in the picture (excluding the kitchen table). This is a great rifle with heaps of really trick features and improvements on the old A-Bolt which I expect if your reading this you already know. I am selling to fund an expensive international project( top secret) before you ask.

    This rifle shoots as good if not better than any Ive owned which says a lot!
    The Viper EVO8 mod is a Reflex style mod similar in performance to T8 but lighter and is able to be disassembled for cleaning quickly and easily. There are a couple of cosmetic chips and scratches on moderator and on the soft-touch stock but are nothing to worry about unless your trying to win a show n' shine. Barrel is in perfect condition and gets a bore snake through it after every outing.
    The scope is a Meopta Artemis 3-12x50 30mm tube with ballistic recticle which is right up there with some of the best scopes on the market according to many reviews and in my opinion. Replacement value is 700 on Not long after putting the scope on the rifle I shot a fox with it at 10pm in the snow without a spotlight which is testament to its light gathering performance.
    Rifle comes with:

    Attachment 11933Attachment 11934Attachment 11935Attachment 11936Attachment 11937
    2 x 4 shot mags
    Butler Creek scope caps
    Thread protector,
    owners manual,
    Neoprene Mod cover,
    Butler creek sling
    Viper Evo 8 mod (proofed) and key for cleaning
    Meopta Artemis 3-12x50 scope
    Browning medium 30mm mounts and rings
    Deben 6-9" bipod (with a spring missing)

    All this for a measly 1200

    PM me if your interested



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    Hi Roland

    Where are you selling from? Take it you are from within uk?


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    This advert is nearly a year old fella.

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    but its not marked as sold theres always the chance he still has it
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by pendle View Post
    but its not marked as sold theres always the chance he still has it
    But would you really want to pay nearly new prices for a well used gun, moderator and scope ?


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    I know for a fact it is sold.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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