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Thread: dsc1 test procedure

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    dsc1 test procedure

    Hi All,
    How does the procedure work for the dsc1 test, is it learning and written test first weekend, then safety and shooting second weekend, or does it vary from one test centre to another, replies would be most welcome

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    I did mine with Basc a one day course studied at home and the course was 150

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    I did mine with the bds over two weekends and both the tests were done on the second weekend. I think it depends upon who runs the course. I found the bds course to be really comprehensive and well worth the money.

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    I did the now defunct online BDS DSC1. After learning and self testing from both the online info and the manual I attended 2 assessment days, 1st on the range & safety tests 2nd Theory & Indentification. The others on the assessments had done the preceding 2 days receiving instruction. atb Tim

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    Not all test centres do it over two weekends - some do it in one with the assessment on the Sunday. That's how Jelen do it and I think Corinium are the same.
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    That's great, thanks for all the info

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    24-01-2012, 21:17Eric the Red
    Not all test centres do it over two weekends - some do it in one with the assessment on the Sunday. That's how Jelen do it and I think Corinium are the same.

    At Corinium we run a three day course, the lectures are on the Saturday and Sunday with the test day on the Monday. We don't believe the lectures can be done properly in less time. The BDS (locally) do something a little similar except they do the tests on two days due to the distance they have to drive to the range they use - over an hour. I did offer them my range a year ago but they declined, hence why I run the courses myself.


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    There are many good training and test centres out there as mentioned by HME above and the best thing to do is contact them to find out if they do it in a way which suits you.

    I have produced a website specifically to help you to learn the theory for your DSC1 which other people are using to prepare for their courses as well as before taking the test. It's at Theres also a load of reading material from the Best Practice guides, but make sure that you do get good experience of shooting and safety.

    Whichever learning route you take, good luck with your test when you finally take it - keep us posted!


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    Hi Steve

    thanks for that, counting down the days and been shooting off sticks and sitting last few weeks and doing muzzle awareness.


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