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Thread: DSC proposals

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    DSC proposals

    Can't remember if this has been posted already , but it's definatley worth going over again

    Here are the full proposals for changes to Deer Legislation, the training aspects are No.5. Taken along with the proposed DCS- SNH merger and other major uncertainties at the moment, there is a lot to be concerned about, and this stuff will almost certainly hit the Press shortly. So, along with the DMQ/ no DMQ aspect, all this stuff can then be debated on the big stage. Expect a concerted industry backlash in due course.........

    There is no way they can move to a 100% register-only system, farmers and other occupiers will resist that as much as recreational stalkers, and they will have much more lobbying power through NFUS etc. I suspect a pragmatic view will be taken of "under supervision".....while I support DMQ2 for professional stalkers, there does have to be a sensible approach to people who only take a few animals a year , they should be encouraged to do the course is it not better that the person wants to be there

    There are a few things on here worthy of debate.....


    Recommendation 1. DCS supports the existing voluntary approach to local
    collaborative deer management. To assist this approach, DCS should work
    with the Association of Deer Management Groups and other interests to
    develop guidelines of best practice to support and strengthen local sustainable
    deer management. DCS would also continue to provide support through
    incentives and regulatory tools.

    Recommendation 2. The Scottish Parliament should introduce a new power to
    compel a group of land managers to develop a deer management plan to
    deliver public interests of national importance where the voluntary approach is
    failing. This power would be supported by offences relating to non-compliance
    and measures for DCS to undertake a control scheme to undertake work not
    carried out.

    Recommendation 3. The Scottish Parliament should modify the existing Panel
    provisions so that they place a duty on its members to prepare and implement
    a deer management plan within a specified area.

    Recommendation 4. The Scottish Parliament should provide DCS with
    emergency powers of intervention to deal with natural heritage, economic loss,
    public safety and deer welfare when no other powers are adequate to deal with
    a situation

    Recommendation 5. The Scottish Parliament should introduce a new
    requirement that all those who shoot deer must demonstrate practical skills
    and knowledge. Details of those who have achieved the required standard
    should be held on a register. There would be a new offence to kill or take deer
    without being on this register. There would be exceptions only for those
    shooting under supervision. Foreign stalkers would have to hold a hunting
    certificate that is accepted by the Scottish Government.

    Recommendation 6. The Minister should remove the national Close Seasons
    for male deer and reduce the female Close Season to cover the period of calf
    dependency. An authorisation procedure would be put in place to allow the
    shooting of non-juvenile female deer during the Close season in exceptional
    circumstances associated with public safety, economic loss, environmental
    impacts and public or private amenity

    Recommendation 7. The Scottish Parliament should link the right to shoot deer
    at night to a demonstration of skills and knowledge of night shooting which
    would be recorded on the register. It would be an offence to shoot deer at
    night without being on the register for this purpose.

    Recommendation 8. The Scottish Parliament should alter the existing offence
    of driving deer to recklessly driving deer and remove the need to seek
    authorisation from DCS.

    Recommendation 9. The Scottish Parliament should remove DCS’ power to
    require owners and occupiers of land to produce annual cull returns and
    instead provide DCS with the power to require all those authorised through the
    register to shoot deer to submit an annual cull return, and for it to be an
    offence not to submit the return.

    Recommendation 10. The Scottish Parliament should remove the right of
    owner occupiers to shoot deer in the Close Season to protect their crops
    without seeking authorisation.

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    Jeesuuss .., all I wanna do is go out shoot a few deer and have some beers with me mates afterwards
    I have enough of that crap in the week why can't they just leave folk be ,,,

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    Hear hear Legaleagle me too. Was there no colaboration too bring a agreed standard i.e DSC1/2 when these where introduced?. Wasn't there "high level meetings" then?.
    It seems a bit trial and error and hit and miss too find or agree on a nationaly acceptable accredited standard, to which all stalkers are clear and happy about achieving. The DSC2 seems too cause a lot off confusion and consternation and hence a complete lack of faith by anyone undertaking it. There have been hints at exploitation, and lack of care by the witnesses in the returning off portfolios.It all costs money and there seems to be among the various bodies involved a lack of care of the costs incurred by the casual stalker. With all the wise ones at the bridge accepting our membership monies and their wages from it surely there should be less ambiguous proposal by now. Or has nothing been learned.
    I only have a couple a year this all seems overkill..........unless I,m Italian,German,French etc etc.
    Theres a thought ..move to France then stalk up north. Cheaper and quicker maybe.

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    The DCS already keep such a Register ...At the moment, you only need to be on it if you want to get a license from the DCS to shoot deer out of season or at night...

    To get on it you need to hold either a DMQ Level 2 *under 5 years old*, or supply two suitable references as to your competence...

    I think alot of this is or was the DCS trying to carve itself a bigger empire and it suits the Scottish Parliment as it shows Scotland excercising control over visiting English (and Welsh) stalkers...

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    Well Bambislayer,

    what are you trying to start here, this thread could go on for a while.

    I am going to miss out on many of the recommendations tonight and come back to them, I think many of them are actually in force at the moment.

    Interestingly though is recommendation 5. If I was to play devils advocate i could argue that "must demonstrate practical skills and knowledge" could be the DSC 1. Why? Because there is an exam showing knowledge and a safety exam (climbing over obstacles with weapons) and shooting test showing practical skills.

    But I am struggling to believe this myself........

    Recommendation 7 talks about puting night shooters on a register. There is already a register for night shooting and out of season shooting. On there are your DSC 2 qualified people. I think that this was developed a few years ago in order to help landowners that looked for help through the DCS in order to rid themselves of deer problems.

    Theres miles in this topic.


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    Kingzy I'm not trying to start anything other than let people know what's being proposed.
    We've already had legislation come through the back door [general lisence]
    I think it's important for people to be informed and have the chance to debate if if be oppose these proposed changess.
    I for one will be at my MSP with my opinions.

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    It is an interesting read, and as you say they need to be out in the open with what is being proposed. What annoys me is the collaberation with the BDS who are certainly not voiceing the opinions of its members.

    I dont think you are starting anything, but it will stir up a few views and hopefully some valuable debate.

    If we could even get it right, there is room for a petition from all the shooting forums to raise their voice in parliament.

    This is probably something that the SGA should really be going to town with as first and foremost there are possibilities of affecting their income and way of life. That is probably an extreme, but it does have to be considered.


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    I've e-mailed SGA, BDS and BASC and await their replies, I will post them.
    I'm a member of all orgs. and a bit P****** off at BASC as I've heard nothing from them on this issue and Colin Sheddon is a deer commissioner
    Thats not fair , I'm F****** off at all of them

    I think they could all learn a thing or 2 from this forum , comunication with members is the key,

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    good to see this getting aired again, it needs to be kept in the limelight so that they can't sneak the legislation through the back door..
    However I do believe that the SGA and BDS are bedfellows in this revenue generating excercise. They believe that they are going to get the training if this becomes legislation. I can tell you that BASC is opposed to these proposals in that they are devisive and there is no need for any further legislation as it is already in place, and that there is an industry accepted qualification so no further training is required..
    DCS is trying to make uneccesary legislation so that it will be able to survive within the new SNH/FC/SEPA organisation... No other reason!
    Once again these organisations who do they really represent, certainly not in the best interest of their members...
    The only way that this will get canned is if you tell the organisations that are set to charge you hundreds of pounds for your Scottish equivelant of DMQ,which by the way will not be valid south of the border,that if this legislation goes through then you will be looking for new members!


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    Totally agree gryff

    As a founding member and after sitting on the main committee for 7 yrs I will certainly make a noise if what you say is right about BDS and SGA.

    SNH and DCS have been trying to apease the SGA after all the carry on @ Glen feshie and asked the SGA to calm down a bit and stop throwing verbal stones at them .

    If this is what they do when you stop throwing stones then I for one will start the attacking again, I will certainly be asking for this subject to be covered at the forthcoming SGA AGM.

    I bettr go to bed now my blood pressure is up to 300

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