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Thread: I wonder if they do moderators for this??

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    I wonder if they do moderators for this??

    In the spirit of things that go bang..



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    i wanna go

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    That would work pretty well on Muntjac!!!
    Vegetarian is an old Native American word meaning Bad Hunter

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    That would make for an interesting discussion with your FEO when you put your variation form in......
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Do you think it would be ok for foxes though ?

    Think they were a bit twitchy about the ammo, close the bolt SLOWLY, that bit put me off it.
    Not the recoil, honest.

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    bring on the squirrels. but which do i go for. nosler ballistic tips or a normal soft points. does it come with a wheel barrow to carry the ammo to the range

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    They react similar to me, the first and only time I fired my .270 without a moderator.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Awesome , could go out plinking armour vehicles with that .

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    That will give ya a flinch!!!!



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