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Thread: 4-16x50 precision hunter

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    4-16x50 precision hunter

    Hi chaps,
    i'm looking for a schmidt and bender 4-16x50 precision hunter has anybody out there got one they'd like to part with,
    must have the P3 recticle, cash waiting.

    regards Robbo

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    theres one or two on ebay at the mo

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    Sent you a pm

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    hi, I'm just waiting on a pm 11 to return from schmidt & bender then I will have a precision hunter 4-16x50 pl3 mil dot ret boxed and in good condition surplus requirements!?

    cheers bullet

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    BulletIf Robbo doesn't want your PH, can you let me know, I'd be interested.ThanksAndrew

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    Andrew, I will keep you informed on robbo's decission!

    many thanks bullet

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    Andrew, just to keep you up dated, robbo's put his name on that scope but if anything changes I will let you know!

    many thanks bullet

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    Thanks for keeping me updated.


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