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Thread: what ones the best

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    what ones the best

    hello there peeps. i know that foxpro has been discussed on here before but. my question is which one woud the folk on her who use them which one is the best as they seem to go from two to 500 squids. any thoughts views or ratigs much aprieciated. thanks

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    I have been lucky enough to go out on a Foxpro trial courtesy tikka t3 (tony) on a bit of ground I look after, I knew I had one on this bit of ground as I had only just had a clear out of the rest, Tony has the foxpro fury and we placed the fury 80 yds into a piece of clear fell by orchards and the one I knew was here turned up straight away. after I give him the good news, we had a pan around for less than half an hour using the different fox and mouse calls from the fury and found three more coming in to have a look.

    I can pull in old charlie boy in by hand calls pretty well, but the foxpro fury left me in the shadows, 4 foxes on the scene in less than half an hour in the same area. I was really impressed with the sound quality

    Needless to say I have ordered one to be delivered fully loaded this week and it looks my shooting buddy is also going to get one as well now for his ground, that is my recommendation based on fact, can't wait for mine to turn up - got foxes to get

    Allow 45 squidlies for the rechargeable batteries AA NI-MH 2500mah pack of 12 ( you need 11) and a charger to get the best out of the machine.

    I found it a really decent bit of kit and thanks to tony I had a chance to try before you buy, they are not cheap, you only get what you pay for.

    If you need any further info PM me and i will send you some contact details to get some in depth information from the guy I purchased mine from.

    ATB Phil

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    IMO the Foxpro is an excellent caller with endless potential for calls but it comes at a price. No doubt Foxpro users have accounted for many foxes but cheaper callers can be just as effective or as ineffective depending on the fox. There are many keepers who have shot hundreds of foxes with no more than the back of their hand.(and hopefully an art that will not die out) No caller (even the Foxpro) comes with a guarentee that it will attract every fox on your ground and for every person who says that the "whatever" caller is the best and they have shot X amount of foxes using it another will have shot just as many using something else.
    My mate and I shoot a lot of foxes. I recently borrowed a Foxpro just to give it a try. I won't be parting with the big cash.
    It is quite good to make some of your own. Buy a cheap squeaky toy for a dog or child and cut out the squeaker. Press out the primer from a fired shotgun shell. Carefully glue the squeaker into the recess without glueing up the squeaker. Blow into the case and you havea cheap and cheerful but effective squeaker that can produce a variety of sounds at various volumes depending on how hard you blow. Was it Fieldsports Britain that showed a guy calling foxes during the day blowing through the wheel of a Hornby Train.
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    As said they will not work every time. But they have called plenty in for me.
    The beauty is you can call them away from you, wether it be in to a clearing or just away from where you are waiting.
    Expensive, yes. It all depends what price you put on a dead fox.
    To me it's another tool in the box.
    Where's Stevienicknacks when you need him ?

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