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Thread: New Kennel and Base

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    New Kennel and Base

    Alright lads.
    Just a quick up date on whats been going down on my side of town. Recently i have had the chance to get a gun (Yes another dog to the armoury that i had to persuade mother a bit ) So after deciding that i was going to get a kennel, i had to get a proper base down and find a decent kennel that would accomodate for the dogs needs (LCD TV, Sofa, Kitchen Sink, Toilet, Shower, you name it) So got the base down which was going to be 16ft x 10ft and approx 4inches deep.

    After ordering 2 tonne bags from jewsons, they managed the piss around and f**k the delivery up on both bags. Buying 12 bags of 25kg cement from the local Farmers Co-oP, and lending a building mate with a cement mixer and a wheel barrow who has done plenty of cementing in the past.

    So cement was done about a week and a half ago on the sunday, and was left to dry, it was setting well and we had given it a glass like finish on the surface. That done, I ordered the kennel that night (from UltraKennel ) and this is where i got it from and the one i got, which was the 10.6ft x 4ft with a sliding hatch door and a stable door.

    Now, i ordered, paid and then recived an email, all that business. Got a call monday morning to say that they were going to be delivering the kennel between 8.30-9.00am on the wednesday. Great i thought, they even tell you when and what time they will be delivering which i thought was great service. Well, here i am today lads and ladies, with a brand new kennel, on time as they said they would be and the guy, Darren i think his name was judging by the 'DAZ' on his screw driver batteries, was an excellent guy. Put the kennel up with speed and with amazing accuracy and did the job spot on and i mean SPOT on.

    All in all, it took him about an hour from when he arrived to departing. There service was the best i have come across, i can recommend andyone thats wanting to get a kennel to buy from these guyes. Free delivery and free fitting on most kennels and they are very well priced. To say i am over the moon is no where near it. I mean it lads, if you want a kennel them give these guyes a look, no hassle, no ****, just great service and great products !Click image for larger version. 

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    very smart indeed ,like it good to have such good service ,get some boarding in the run to stop dogs chewing the strutts worth the cost to save such a nice kennel from dogs knashers

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    Metal strapping such as round pipes and cables can be screwed into framing to stop chewing. Scew bottom boards to stop nail strain. A problem when all the pressure is from inside pushing out especially on thinner boards. Other than that nice job. Consuder oversheeting roof with Onduline before the felt bursts.Lining the inside of the box will stiffen the structure to prevent lean and make the box more comfortable. All these will not cost too much and will extend the life by many years. Jim
    Ps I was one of the major manufacturers for many years pre retirement,

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    New Kennel and Base, Is there any thing under the wood base to protect the wood from rotting when u clean out

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    The whole kennel is about 2 inches off the concrete base mate

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