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    Durham Lad

    Hello Folks.

    Currently living in Gloucestershire (30 yrs) born in Co. Durham. Now I'm retired the plan is to move back to the north-east. Durham/Nth Yorks. So I'm in the process of looking for shooting, deer control, rough/driven mixed birds and wild-fowling.

    I also shoot at my local rifle club, qualified RCO, good fun, great crowd and a chance to use the rifles as often as possible. I have a 25-06 and a double o/u .308. for stalking. The double is great fun and once it is set up/regulated, the load fully developed it shoots a mean group at 100m. I've been reloading for many years for several calibres 220Swift, 243, 22 hornet, plus what I have now.
    I fancy a 44-40 for range use so I'm in the market for a Uberti Henry rifle!! But don't tell my wife!!!
    I have a terrier/cross who is not gun shy - a good bushing dog that acts as a spare pair of eyes and ears for me.
    I look forward to contributing to the forum.


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    Welcome to the site

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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