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Thread: Riflesmith Alan Wey - Top bloke.

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    Riflesmith Alan Wey - Top bloke.

    I was browsing SD last week when I stumbled on an old post by BobJS saying that Alan Wey had a l/h McMillan stock on the shelf for a Tikka M695.

    I've been looking for a stock for my M690 for ages so I gave him a ring and he'd still got it. Neither Alan or I knew if the stock would fit the earlier action so he sent it up to me on approval despite not knowing me from Adam.

    Its nice to know that honesty and trust are still to be found in shooting circles. I'm chuffed with the new stock too, it will fit lovely with a little inletting work.

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    Good to Hear Andy.

    Did you and Ken get away on the Pigs?



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    Yes mate, we had a good trip thanks.

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