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Thread: moderator vs muzzle break

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    moderator vs muzzle break

    Just wondering if a moderator will reduce recoil and the barrel rise as much as a muzzle break.. If have fitted on my .308 a T8, but just wondering what recoil and probably more barrel rise would be like using a muzzle break instead, would the difference be noticeable ??
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    As a previous owner of a Browning A bolt with their Boss system, there's not much to choose between them on pure recoil / muzzle flip grounds.

    There are obviously several factors at play - as moderator is also going to increase the rifle weight over all but the most giant MB. So thats probably tipping things to the mod on balance.

    In use the moderator gets the nod as the back blast from a MB can be terrific - which partly eliminates the recoil/ flip issues. In addition its really distracting when the guys next to you on the range keep monging about their kit getting blown off the bench!

    The Browning was 30-06 and having tried it with a 9/16 threaded T8, the mod was far more pleasant to shoot - but largely due to the blast reduction, perceived recoil was about the same in that case.
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    You will notice the difference if you don't wear ear defenders,the muzzle break will make your ears ring for hours oouch,have done it by mistake when ammo testing

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    I would never use a full bore without a moderator now. There's nearly zero recoil and it's much better on the hearing. It's worth looking at other models of moderator as well as the t8. I've moved on from the t8 and now use wildcat p8 and ASE ultras.

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    You guys must be on about muzzle BRAKES
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    You guys must be on about muzzle BRAKES
    You didn't take you long to work that out did you Steve
    I have an A Tec Maxim which I have been told by Peter of Jacksons, the importer, has a muzzle brake in the first section of it.
    I know my 30-06 is a pussy cat to shoot when using it with 180gr bullets but without it and using the same bullet, it kicks like a mule and it's bark frightens everything for miles around.

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    The Third Eye Spartan Mod` i have on my 30-06 Ackley has an in-built Brake and is very effective at recoil reduction. I think there is a diagram on their web.


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    You will notice quite a reduced recoil (1/5 or so) with with over barrel mods as the first baffle deflects the high
    speed gas rearwards effectively pulling the rifle forwards.
    In my experience its a little less noticeable on muzzle mounted cans maybe as there is a shorter route for the gas to exit.

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