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Thread: Great Afternoon Out (Young Fallow Buck and a Fox)

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    Great Afternoon Out (Young Fallow Buck and a Fox)

    I have been out for my third stalk since I took it up in November, my second with Wayne Davies. I met Wayne around 2pm and after he had shown the other lads where they should set up camp we headed off to a spot where I had been on my previous outing. It was pretty windy but fortunately we were in a nice sheltered high seat. Anyway after waiting about 2 hours we saw about 5 Fallow deer come out of the forest but out of range. They moved away fairly quickly across the field and out of sight. About 10 minutes later we saw two young bucks come back across the field. As they approached I have to say I got a bit nervous. Anyway both of them stopped about 60 yards away. Just as I was ready to take the shot they stepped closer to the forest hedge and Wayne gave a whistle to try to stop them which worked and I took my shot.
    I knew that I had hit it but the deer disappeared into the woods and I have to say that I was disappointed as I thought that I might have only wounded it, but Wayne said that it was a good strike so we left the high seat to see if we could locate it. It had dropped about 20 yards from where I had shot it so I was relieved and delighted to say the least.
    Wayne dragged it back to the high seat and we got back in just in case we saw anymore. Anyway after about 10 minutes we spotted a fox moving towards us. Wayne asked if I wanted to take the shot, which I did and down it went on the spot.
    I have shot plenty of foxes before but this really topped off the day, to get a second shot in so soon after the young buck.
    I had a fantastic afternoon and canít wait to get out again. I had enjoyed the previous outings but now I have had a taste of what it is all about, so looking forward to many more.
    Thanks Wayne for a great afternoon out.

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    well done kieran. sounds like you had a great time. i will never forget my first fallow running and feeling horrified but it also soon dropped. heres hoping you can get out soon and continue your success.

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    Nice one lads.

    Ninja strikes again.


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    them fallow can be hard buggers ive shot them straight in the heart before and theve still ran ???? it happens mate

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    Well done mate bet that will stay with you for a long time

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    Hi Kieran

    It was good to meet you again glad I got you one this time.

    I think it was nearer 120 yards than 60 and your placement was perfect right where I told you, so pretty cool for your first deer

    Here's a photo I took.



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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Ninja strikes again.
    Ha-ha, .

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    Well done Kieran,sounds like you had a great afternoon.Well done Wayne


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    Enjoyable read. well done

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