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Thread: Chalking up Four

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    Chalking up Four

    I popped out with Tim aka 'Foxdropper' last night to a place that’s a bit further afield than his other spots but holds limitless possibilities covering a large area and interspersed with blocks of mixed mature woodland , pasture and arable. It’s got DEER written all over it but they haven’t been seen in the numbers that used to frequent the place apparently with only the odd few pottering about so it was also an opportunity to gauge numbers for the fast approaching buck season and assist with a menace of another persuasion.
    Word on the street was that the rabbit and hare populations were in no such short supply so we set off, FD with the rimfire and me with the .223 hoping to cater for both the coney and Charlie should the opportunity present itself.
    It was one of those evenings where it looked and felt like the cloud base would descend and blanket everything at any minute but was just managing to hold off. It was also quite mild and still and we weren’t long out the truck before the feeling that, barring a change in weather, it wasn’t going to be a good night for the coney. Time to implement Plan B. After a brief squeak at the junction of two fields we caught some eyes from a fair way off showing some interest, then charging in. The fox came to about 50 meters but stopped under a pylon and was partially obscured but the twiggy stems of dead stingers, certainly not the friends of 40 grain .223 rounds. It looked like erring on the side of caution and waiting for a unobstructed bullet path was going to work against us as a puff of breeze caught the back of the neck and the fox scarpered into the hedge but, moving a short distance to peer up the other side we saw Charlie about 100 yards up and sat down. I needed a confidence booster after a recent, unexplainable easy miss (Yes Martin… that one) so it was quickly down on the dipod and the report was met with a satisfying thump at the other end. One Dog fox down.

    Fields and fields later we were rewarded by the sight of three Roe (Doe and two followers) and solitary buck. Although I couldn’t make out the head, the solid frame looked promising so, without wanting to antagonise them too much we moved on happy to have seen them.
    Moving on another pair of eyes came back to the filter in the form of a very wild fox in one of the few fields left still in stubble. The next time we picked them out it was a good 200 yards further away without stopping despite not attempting to call and having the what little breeze there was in our favour. We made on a flanking move in the next door field which quickly turned out to be a hell of a decision as it was young wheat and the earth was claggy and stuck to the boots like **** to a blanket. I had a thick shirt, thick jumper and barbour on so I was pouring and blowing out my arse by the time we got to the other end but it paid dividends as, with the breeze in our faces a few tentative squeeks saw the orange eyes appear a very long way off. Hats off to FD to the mouth calling as this was definitely no sucker, doing things one step at a time and was extremely cautions. At 70 yards and off sticks it was up to me and I was relieved to see him crumple to a chest shot. Not exactly a difficult shot in most circumstances but when you’ve waited that long for the opportunity, gone to so much effort to get the quarry there and had that much time to think about what a ***** you look if you missed it your prone to snatch it. Another nice dog fox and well earned.

    Over Hill and down dale we spot two more family groups of Roe before finally coming to a field where the rabbits were hanging out. Sadly they were having none of it and their red eyes and white tails created a strobe effect as they all legged it for the hedgerow without even one pausing before going in. Last time we were here a guy who shares the ground with permission to lamp with an airgun was out so we were singing his praises when I caught some eyes not 60 yards off infront of the hedgerow. A fox was squatting there in a small hollow with just the top of his head visible so, after exchanging the lamp for the sticks I put the crosshairs between his eyes and Crack – the satisfying noise of a solid nut shot. Yet another decent sized dog fox but with the onset of mange beginning to take hold. Not the prettiest of pictures but that’s reality for you.

    I was half floating by this point having done a treble which was just as well as my legs were starting to feel it a bit but no time to rest and off we went again. We’d left the arable area and were on pasture now and another pair of eyes betrayed the curiosity of another cautions customer. I was stood ready on the sticks and he looked to be coming in ok but the fickle wind swung round which both we and the fox noticed at the same time and he broke off his advances and began to skirt away. He stopped broadside but a fair way off and we obviously had the same thought as FD started to say ‘if you…’ just as I fired. A faint thump was heard over the distance and the eyes were switched off - we paced it out at 165 yards which I was well chuffed with. Another decent sized dog fox and I won’t be forgetting that shot any time soon.

    We saw another fox but the wind played a similar trick and this time there were question marks over the shot safety. That one either lived for another day or stopped me finishing what was a bloody good evening on a dull note by missing it!
    Thanks again FD mate – quality.

    Hope you fellas don't mind foxing article in this section - apologies if its needs moving.

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    Nice read mate and some cracking pictures ,Im sure youll return the favour to FD the next time

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    Great story and a good outing.

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    Now then.......that is better Matthew old bean!


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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Now then.......that is better Matthew old bean!

    They must of felt under pressure with you there on the previous night M .

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    well done yokel was that a harris dipod you were using lol well done nice write up cheers

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