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Thread: poachers mentality

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    poachers mentality

    The parasites on the back of humanity have been in the area again.
    Last friday in the early hours the owner of a property half a mile from our village witnessed the subaru boys coursing a roe with a car, yes a car not a lurcher. Apparently they chased it round a winter stubble field for half a dozen times before running it over and cutting its throat.
    It was then left dumped in a hedge where a mate of mine found it the next day and moved it for the local Police to inspect.
    I cant get to grips with why these twats would go this low and find it amusing.

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    Did the police do anything?

    For the fact they didn't take the carcass makes even harder to believe.

    Sad fact is they're probably sqeamish about blood

    Sorry can't use the words to describe them on here

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    Christ that not poachers they wouldn't leave any thing behind that's kids haveing a laugh. Just think your selves luckie they do it in the fecking streets here and chase each other up and down the paths and when they catch who they want they draw a blade down there face.

    PS and they laugh.

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    I know what you mean, i live in a town called kirkintilloch, and there has ben a gang going round all the golf courses with woodland near them )bishopbriggs,milngavie & kirkintilloch) chasing the deer with lurchers. The disgusting thing is they arent even tking the carcasses. some of the carcasses were found to hve been clubbed to death. some were left hanging from trees.
    Theres absolutely no respect for the animals whatsoever.
    Which brings me to my next question. If this gang use the dogs on a farmers land to chase down the deer can the farmer or land owner shoot the dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by francomac81
    Which brings me to my next question. If this gang use the dogs on a farmers land to chase down the deer can the farmer or land owner shoot the dog?
    No - an offence would be committed as the dogs are not chasing or worrying STOCK. Game and deer are not given the same protection by the courts.

    Rgds Ian

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    Re: poachers mentality

    What part of the Uk are you ? We have been having probelms in North/East Yorks with similar.


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    we have similar problems in north/west yorks

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    We have the same thing in Notts too.

    I hesitate to call them poachers though, they are just nasty stupid people.

    I used to take my dogs for a walk around a private forest estate with Roe and Fallow and would sometimes get a glimpse of them - my dogs are well enough trained to stay when I tell them so there was no danger to the deer.

    But over a month they lost no end to "poachers" with dogs, and by no means were all the injured deer taken away, many were left to suffer with horendous wounds before being found by the keepers and destroyed.

    Now the estate has blocked anybody from entering their grounds and have regular patrols to enforce this, so everybody loses out on getting close to these lovely creatures - but you can understand why the estate won't take any chances now.

    Its difficult to criticise the police with these incidents, because their priority has obviously got to be people rather than animals, hence response times not always super quick - and there isn't a lot an individual can do either, because I really do think that these "poachers" would think nothing of seriously injuring people too - or worse.

    Its a shame there aren't enough funds for the police to dedicate patrols to cover rural areas more fully.


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    Does anyone know what the legal position is with dogs and deer. I understand that if a dog is in with stock it can be dealt with in the appropriate manner. Is it the same with deer.


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    NO - the protection offered by law to stock worried by dogs, is not extended to wild deer or game.

    An enclosed herd would be a different matter of course!

    Rgds Ian

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