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Thread: Anyone out shooting Haggis today?

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    Anyone out shooting Haggis today?

    Was out today and bagged 2 brace of Haggis and they are in top condition with no dependent young. My Burns supper will be a memorable event. Tips below.

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    I've not hunted any but I've just eaten one. The wife won't touch it so I'm full to bustin'.

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    went out first thing shot 2 had to chase them around the hill till they tumbled hard work

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    Venison, all you needed to do was turn round and run the other way. Everyone knows that the legs on one side are shorter than the other, so they can only run in one direction!

    There are some good hunting grounds here! Though I've just noticed the season finished at 3pm today. I hope you were out this morning RED, wouldn't want to get in trouble!

    Did anyone else have trouble getting haggis added to their FAC?

    I've got a couple on order for the weekend, as we don't have them this far south in the wild, and farmed ones are never as good, something about the heather diet on the hill I think.
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